Are Platform Beds Comfortable and Can They Offer You a Night of Better Sleep?

In your search for the right foundation structure for your mattress, you may have come across platform beds.

You probably find them appealing due to their sleek and modern look, but you might be wondering if they are worth the hype.

Also, you might be asking "Are platform beds comfortable?" It’s time to find out!

What Is a Platform Bed?

Before we answer the question “Are platform beds comfortable?”, let’s tackle the facts first.

A platform bed is a type of bed with a raised horizontal frame.

Unlike traditional foundation structures for mattresses, platform beds have a low profile.

They also feature a latticed surface or slats instead of a box spring.

What is a platform bed

Including the mattress, a platform bed has a height of 18 inches which is significantly lower than a traditional bed with a standard height of around 25 inches.

Platform beds are trendy these days and are classified as modern furniture styles, although history suggests that Kings and Queens of Egypt in 1340 BC have slept on similar low-profile bed frames.

Perhaps the reason for the newfound popularity of this bed has to do with Scandinavian design concepts that quickly made their way into the USA.

Today, people prefer sleeker, simpler, and minimalistic interiors, so platform beds have taken the sleep market by storm.

What Are the Pros and Cons of a Platform Bed?

While a platform bed is way simpler than a traditional bed, it also comes in different styles and designs to suit any bedroom.

Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of platform beds:


The best things about platform beds are their:


Whether a simple latex bed or some luxurious memory foam there are several mattresses for platform bed options to choose from.

This bed frame comes with either a solid or slatted surface that offers the right amount of support for any mattress type.


Platform beds vary widely in price, depending on the material used, quality, and design.

However, they are generally considered more affordable than traditional bed frames because you don't need to purchase a box spring to go with them.


Many platform beds come with extra storage units, such as drawers or shelves where you can store items like linens, out-of-season clothing, shoes, books, and even your luggage.

Platform beds are very functional, platform bed with integrated shelf

Better Sleep

As mentioned earlier, the slatted structure of platform beds is designed to promote airflow.

If you find yourself waking in the middle of the night because it's too hot, a platform bed might do wonders for you.

Even platform beds without slats usually have holes in them to increase ventilation.

Sleek Design

Platform beds suit modern houses because of their sleek and functional design.

Also, since they are available in different styles and finishes, it’s easier to find a platform bed that matches the theme of your bedroom.


Most platform beds are made of either solid wood or metal, which are both extremely durable and long-lasting.


Platform beds are not without some drawbacks, such as:

Low Profile

Unfortunately, the biggest draw of platform beds can be a disadvantage to some people.

Since it doesn't raise the mattress height like other types of foundations, you might find it challenging to get into and out of the bed if you have mobility issues.

Simple Aesthetics

If you prefer a more intricate bed style, you may need to make some upgrades to your platform bed as it doesn’t normally come with a headboard.

Perhaps the most you can find are upholstered platform beds.


Another drawback of platform beds is they can be extremely heavy.

Thus, relocating to a new place or simply moving your bed to a different room can be incredibly challenging.

No Under-the-Bed Space

Platform beds offer no or very little under the bed storage, low platform bed

With their low profile, platform beds don’t have space underneath.

It can be a drawback for people who love storing things underneath their beds.

If you need extra storage, consider buying a platform bed with built-in drawers or storage units.

Is a Platform Bed Better Than a Box Spring?

The box spring is a wooden box with layers of springs, a top cover made of a breathable fabric sheet, and a dust barrier at the bottom.

Traditional metal rail bed frames are designed to cradle box springs as it is meant to help absorb impact and reduce wear and tear on the mattress.

Overall, a platform bed is better than a box spring because it is enough to provide support for your mattress, along with proper ventilation.

Thus, if you’re using a platform bed, you don’t have to purchase a box spring anymore.

In addition, a box spring does wear over time and may have to be replaced every after several years.

A platform bed is also compatible with most mattresses, including hybrid mattresses, whereas a box spring is only compatible with innerspring mattresses.

What about mattresses for platform beds?

As mentioned above, platform beds are suitable for all types of mattresses, such as latex, hybrid, innerspring, and memory foam mattresses.

An essential condition is a small distance between the slats, usually up to 3 inches, or to have a solid surface. In this case, any mattress will last long without defects.

These factors make it much easier to choose mattresses for platform bed options, but we recommend checking the manufacturer's specifications before purchasing.

Are Platform Beds Bad for Your Back?

With their lowered profile, a common question most people ask is “Are platform beds bad for your back?”

Generally, it is not the bed frame; rather a mattress that supports your back.

Platform beds provide excellent support for your mattress to stay in top shape and give your body comfort and support for longer.

Besides, a platform bed is perfect for memory foam mattresses that are great for sleepers who have issues with back pain.

Nonetheless, the lowered profile of platform beds may be an issue for people who are already suffering from back and knee pain and older people whose joints are somehow brittle.

Is a Platform Bed Comfortable?

Is a platform bed comfortable, woman lying on platform bed with dog

Platform beds are practical and stylish beds that fit any modern home.

They also come in a wide variety of styles and specifications, but is a platform bed comfortable?

The answer is yes, because of the following:

  • It keeps you cool.
  • It supports your mattress well.
  • You can choose a thicker mattress. If you prefer a thicker and softer mattress, a platform bed makes a good foundation.
  • A platform bed is great for a memory foam mattress.

Tips When Shopping for a Platform Bed

The quality of your bed is essential to your overall comfort.

Remember that not all platform beds are created equal, so you want to invest in a high-quality bed.

Below are some tips that you might find useful when shopping for platform beds.

Decide Between Wood or Metal

Platform beds can be made of different materials, wood and metal being the most popular.

Both of them are good options but have unique characteristics that could make them more or less ideal for certain people.

For example, platform beds made of metal require little to no maintenance and are generally lighter than wood.

Meanwhile, wood beds are easy to customize and always trendy, although they can be heavy and expensive.

Consider Your Space

It’s also important to consider your space, storage needs, and the overall design of your bedroom when shopping for a platform bed.

Platform beds come in standard sizes. Whether you want a twin, queen, or king bed, you can find the right width for your needs.

Design Matters Too

If you live in a cramped studio or need additional space to store your winter sweaters, a storage platform bed might be perfect for you.

The classic platform bed is another excellent option.

This no-fuss bed frame can go with or without a headboard or a footboard, saving you lots of space.

If you're after style and aesthetics, you may opt for a "floating platform bed" with legs installed closer to the center of the frame, creating the illusion of a hovering bed.

Are Platform Beds Comfortable: The Verdict

Yes, platform beds are comfortable, but they aren’t designed for everyone.

This type of bed frame is not ideal for older people, those who have mobility issues, or those suffering from joint, knee, and back pain.

If you don't belong to those groups and you’re thinking of replacing your old bed foundation, consider a platform bed.

Also, if its lowered profile doesn’t bother you, a platform bed can be a great addition to your bedroom.

It’s comfortable, modern, versatile, and comes in different designs to fit your needs.

If you prefer a platform bed for its functionality and style, you may consider using a thicker mattress to increase the height of your bed.