What is a Hybrid Mattress and will it Help You Sleep Better?

Sleep is such an important part of our lives. We spend about one third of our lives sleeping, so isn’t it important that when we do sleep, we do so comfortably and that it leaves us feeling refreshed and ready to face the day.

So, what exactly is a hybrid mattress, and why are they such a good idea?

We love mattresses and want to tell you all you need to know about hybrid mattresses, so that you can revolutionize your sleep, today.

What exactly is a hybrid mattress?

A hybrid mattress is a multi-layered bed that is a combination of memory foam, latex, or gel, alongside an innerspring system. This means that hybrid-mattress sleepers can experience the beautiful pressure relief of the foam layers as well as the study feel of a classic spring mattress. It is a perfect blend that gives you the best of both worlds.

It is a simple idea that revolutionizes how we sleep. Let’s learn some more about these mattresses, including what they are made up of, the true difference between hybrid mattresses and memory-foam mattresses, as well as what the benefits are if you sleep on one.

What makes up a hybrid mattress?

What makes a hybrid mattress, white mattress in the morning with light ray on it

There are four main layers in a hybrid mattress that make them what they are and provide you with the comfort and support that you need while you sleep.

  • It starts off with a base layer, often made of foam. It is a 1-inch layer that provides the base with padding sturdiness and stability. Keeping you comfortable all night long.
  • Then you have the support core. This part forms the bulk of the mattress, often about 7 to 8 inches in thickness. It contains pocket wrapped coils and springs that provide you with full spinal support. A dream come true for those who suffer with back pain.
  • Next is the comfort layer. The comfort layer is the layer that you rest on. It is made up of cushioned components such as memory foam, latex, and a cool-inducing gel. This is often around 3-4 inches thick and is a body-hugging material that gives you that wonderful support that just makes you want to melt into the bed, helping you drift off to sleep.
  • Finally, is the pillow top. This is not always available, however, on some beds, made by some brands you will be able to get this. This is a 1-to-2-inch pillow top that is sewn on top of the comfort layer. It provides extra cushioning so good you could just dissolve into it.

Keep in mind that every hybrid mattress, made by different companies, will be different. They will all have their own unique spin on what a hybrid mattress should be. Some will have pillow tops, some won’t, the layer thicknesses may vary between brand to brand as well. However, the idea and the basic engineering that makes these types of mattresses to die for, remains the same.

Is there a difference between a hybrid mattress and a memory-foam mattress?

There is definitely a big difference between memory foam and hybrid mattresses. Memory foam is often buzzed about in the mattress world, given the highest reputation. It combines layers of foam. These beds are known to react to body heat and pressure in order to adequately mold to the curves of your body, thus allowing you to basically melt into the mattress and receive full body support and comfort equal to a hug.

Hybrid mattresses unite the idea of this memory foam wonder with the foundation of pocket-wrapped coils. These springs provide you with that childhood ‘jumping-on-the-bed’ feel that everyone loves in spring mattresses, while the foam envelops you in the hugging embrace that people love to receive from memory foam mattresses. Creating an incredible morph of the two.

What are the benefits of a hybrid mattress?

There are benefits to every mattress type, hybrid mattresses have many. They are incredibly comfortable, ideally supportive, and they provide so much pressure relief too. This makes them perfect for anyone who struggles with sleep, or with pain. If you wake up somehow injured by sleeping, this type of mattress might be for you.

What are the best benefits of this type of mattress though?

1. Superior comfort.
Hybrid mattresses are some of the absolute comfiest mattresses around. The foam layer you get with these, regardless if it is memory foam, a cooling gel, or latex, will contour to your unique shape. It gives your mattress that soothing feel that makes you truly feel relaxed and able to release the tension in all your muscles for a perfect sleep.

2. Soothing for pains.
You might be tired and achy from a hard day at work, or kicking it at the gym, or you might suffer from chronic or joint pains. Whatever the reason you get better pressure relief with hybrid mattresses. This is because they feature both a comfy foam and pocket springs, and this is a combo that really brings it when it comes to relieving aches, pains and discomfort.

 Hybrid mattress helps with pain after sleep, woman having neck pain after waking up

3. Firmness choices.
Many brands that sell hybrid mattresses will allow you to choose your firmness options. You can go for soft which will give you gentle support, medium which gives you balanced comfort and support, medium firm which gives you slightly more support than medium, and finally firm, which is firmly supportive and a good choice for those who really need that extra oomph of support.

4. Support where you need it.
Hybrid features hundreds and sometimes thousands of individual pocket springs. This means you get head to toe support for your whole body. They deliver plenty of support for the heaviest areas of your body, including your hips, and also offer more gentle supports for the less weighty areas.

5. Peaceful sleep- Achievement Unlocked!
Hybrid mattresses provide more sleeping space, no roll-together, and no worries about rolling off. All this means is that there is less chance of you waking up during the night, even if you are a fidgety sleeper. You will rest better with a hybrid.