How to Store a Mattress: What you Need to Know

There’s nothing quite as good as getting a new mattress. The temptation to stay in bed all day after getting a new mattress is strong, but you can’t do that - you have things to do! Namely, you need to figure out what to do with the mattress you just had to get rid of.

It’s a bummer, since the old mattress is perfectly fine - you just don’t really know what to do with it.

Thankfully, there are many different ways that you can store an old mattress after you no longer have a need for it anymore. Here, we’re going to give you just a few suggestions for what you can do with your old mattress!

Clean Your Mattress

Before you even attempt to try and store your mattress, the first thing that you need to do is make sure that it’s cleaned first. You don’t want the mattress to degrade in quality because it hasn’t been cleaned properly before it was stored elsewhere.

Cleaning your mattress doesn’t need to be difficult, however. All you really need to do is acquire a vacuum and an upholstery cleaner. Then, you’re ready to embark on the cleaning process.

You can start off by getting rid of the boxspring and the mattress from the frame of the bed. Make sure that you get rid of any bedding that’s on it - there’s no point in keeping the bedding on the mattress when it’s going in storage anyway.

Then, get yourself a little bit of baking soda and put some of it on the outside of the mattress. Allow it to stay there for a little while so that any odors are absorbed.

Use your vacuum to then suck up the baking soda, and allow the mattress to air out in the open. Then, your mattress should be clean and ready for you to do the next thing that you need to do.

Wrap it Up!

The next thing that you need to do is wrap your mattress up in a little bit of plastic or in a storage bag.

It should be pretty easy to acquire a storage bag since they are usually available to buy in the vast majority of hardware stores, or alternatively you can look online.

Make sure that it’s secure, and put some packing tape on it to make sure that it’s packed up extra tight.

It’s best to avoid covers that are made out of plastic since you are more likely to trap the moisture in place. Breathability is the aim.

If the mattress is going to be stuck in storage for a long time you should get a higher quality storage bag. It will cost a tiny bit more money, but it’s worth it for keeping your mattress in its best condition until you need it again.

Keep It Flat

Flat mattress for storage

When you’re storing your mattress, you shouldn’t try to keep it standing upright. Instead, you will want to keep it lying flat on the floor when you’re trying to store it.

Sure, you may lose a little bit of space, but it’s worth it for keeping your mattress in its best condition.

It should be placed flat so that it replicates the position it would be in on your bed. This is because the coils and the stuff inside of the mattress can be altered when you place it upright.

Lying the mattress flat helps to ensure that all of the parts inside of the mattress are well preserved ready for when you next need to use it and. It also helps to avoid problems from use of a deformed mattress.

Don’t Put Anything On Top Of The Mattress

Though you may be tempted to put things on top of the mattress in order to save space, this is something that is best avoided. The springs can be damaged if you put heavy objects on top of the mattress.

Instead, if you wish to save space you should put the mattress on top of the other objects in your designated storage space.

Of course, you’ll need to check that the set up is nice and stable first of all. You don’t want a mattress landslide, after all!

Choose Your Storage Space

One of the most important things when it comes to storing a mattress is choosing where you want to put it.

Some people have a lot more space available than others, so finding somewhere to put your mattress isn’t always easy.

The problem is that moisture and temperature changes can be a big issue when it comes to storing your mattress. For this reason, a basement probably isn’t the best place to store your mattress.

If you have a dedicated storage unit, you should make sure that it is climate controlled to ensure that your mattress doesn’t get damaged.

basement temperature controlled for mattress storage

Otherwise, it’s definitely worth investing in a portable dehumidifier if you’re planning on storing the mattress at home, since it will help to remove the moisture from the air. It’s not the best situation, but it’s certainly better than dealing with a damaged mattress.

Remove From Storage

When it’s time to get your mattress out of storage, make sure that you clean your mattress again.

It should be fine since you cleaned it before putting it in storage, but it’s better to be safe and ensure that everything looks and smells fresh when you get it out of storage.

Just follow the tips covered in step one, and you’re then going to be ready to use your mattress again!


Whether you want to sleep on the floor or just bought a new mattress storing the old mattress doesn’t need to be rocket science.

In fact, it’s a fairly easy process when you know what you’re doing.

Often, it’s just a matter of cleaning your mattress, choosing the right storage space and ensuring that you’ve done everything in your power to ensure that you’re keeping the mattress protected when it’s in storage!