How To Convert Two Twin Beds to a King Bed

The home furniture range is getting more and more expensive these days. Even if your budget allows you to spend hundreds of dollars, you will rarely be able to buy what you exactly want. If we talk about a specific thing like a bed, first, it's always a challenging job to transport it and second, it's very hard to find the one that fits just fine with your old mattress. If you are in serious need of a king-sized bed but are stuck with two twin beds, you can easily convert those beds into a king. A king bed is much larger and provides extra sleeping space for you.

All you need to do is to make a few adjustments to get one king-size bed. The dimensions of a standard king-size bed are 60 inches in length and 76 inches in width. King-sized beds are mostly kept in places where there's a lot of free space.

Converting two twin-sized beds into a king is not a difficult task. Although when converted, the dimensions of the newly made bed come out to be around 75 inches in length and 38 inches in width, which is a bit shorter in length than an actual king-sized bed. This might be an issue as such a bed won't fit along with your mattress and it might also get difficult for you to put sheets on it.

However, there are other twin beds that have a bigger length and if combined together, can give you the perfect king-sized bed.

If you are thinking of buying a king-sized bed, you can go for two twin beds instead, as they are easy to move around the house and even easier to shift from one place to another.

How To Convert Two Twin Beds to a King Bed, two twin beds in a wonderful bedroom

Steps to Convert Twin Beds into a King-Sized Bed

Step 1. Place Both Mattresses Next To Each Other On The Frame

The very first step is to place both of your beds together. Make sure the level matches and they seem like one single bed. Try to make them look seamless and neat. Don't leave out any space in between the two beds as it could affect the sizing and positioning of your bed.

Step 2. Fix Both Mattresses It With A Bridge

If you permanently want to convert your twin beds into one, you will have to use clamps to make them stick together. Make sure you perform this step with proper care and attention.

Step 3. Compensate For Shorter Length of the Mattress

As mentioned earlier, there might be some space left on the bed because of the shorter length of the twin mattresses. You can fill this space up by using a headboard that is easily available in the market. This step is crucial as it is very important to make the mattress fit perfectly with the bed frame. If not fitted properly, it will be difficult for you to rest on your bed as it will keep flinching.

Step 4. Enjoy Your King Sized Bed

Now that you have stuck and attached your twin beds together, you can enjoy your newly made king size bed.

Combine two twin beds into a king, man enjoying lying on a king size bed


Will the two joint mattresses fit by bed perfectly?

A king frame bed measures around 80cm in length. When joining two mattresses, expect to have some extra space left out as they are usually 5 inches shorter (length-wise). You can fill this space by putting some cushions in the gap or using two Twin XLs which are 80 inches long.

Is buying two Twin XLs necessary?

As mentioned above, for perfect fitting you should always go for this size. Some people on the other hand, may use this space by keeping an upholstered headboard in there.

What kind of bedding should you get?

As a standard king size sheet is too long for twins, you can snuggle the extra fabric in the corners of your bedding. This also ensures that your bed doesn't get crumpled.


Being creative in your household can save you from burning a hole in your pocket. Putting together two twins will also give you the opportunity of splitting them up in future for your kids if the need arises. If your budget permits, you can always check out the top king sized beds that the market has to offer. Or you go for a queen mattress sized bed instead.