Which Direction Should You Sleep for a Sound High-Quality Slumber

Your sleep direction and sleep position are mainly based on Vastu shastra and feng shui. To enhance sleep quality, it is essential to follow the best sleep position and the best direction to sleep. The basic idea is to avoid sleep disturbances by complying with the earth's magnetic field.

One must try to sleep scientifically as well to get more sound sleep. Relying only on Vastu tips might not always ensure a good night's sleep. In this article, you will get to know how to get deep sleep by following a favorable sleep direction and taking note of an apt sleeping position.

Planning Your Master Bedroom and Living Space

Planning Your Master Bedroom and Living Space

The bed position is also important, in addition to other sleep directions. According to Vastu, your master bedroom should face the north or northeast part of the house. If you still have trouble sleeping, it might be due to misalignment with the magnetic fields. Use dark colors, dim the lights before sleeping or use red light therapy for sleep.

The bed should be in the south direction so you don't sleep with your head pointing northward. To maintain the inflow of positive energy, do not place your bed near the corners of the room.

The other rooms should face the south direction. The east direction favors the work area not to feel sleepy (master bedroom forbidden in the east). The magnetic pull should not accumulate negative energy.

Relation between Right Sleep Direction and Quality Sleep

Does the right sleeping direction matter? Yes, a good night's sleep is possible only if you follow the favorable sleep direction - feet pointing south and head pointing towards the northern hemisphere. The benefits of sleeping south include better blood circulation, which is essential for people who suffer from high blood pressure.

Sleep direction to the south, bedroom with rising sun in the east

The best sleeping position for a good night's sleep is towards the north pole. Sleeping with your head pointing east might lead to sleep disorders at times. The southern hemisphere and northern hemisphere attract the opposite vibes, as per feng shui.

Effect of Favorable Sleeping Direction on Sleep Quality and Good Health

  • Restful sleep aids in regulating the blood pressure
  • If your head and feet point in the right direction, more blood flow is directed towards the brain
  • Sleep disorders can be prevented by complying with the best sleeping direction
  • You get fewer dreams and nightmares on following a good direction
  • Modern science has established that blood vessels move effectively if you avoid sleeping in the wrong direction
  • Blood circulation is enhanced when there is mutual attraction towards the positive poles (another way to sleep scientifically)

Sleeping Direction: Principles of Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra

According to Vastu, you should sleep south. The sleeping direction is determined by the positioning of planets and the magnetic field. Getting restful sleep is a bit difficult while sleeping with your head pointing north. The body's vibes are in collision with feng shui as well. Vastu shastra has little significance these days as some people sleep well only when their head is facing north.

Feng shui is all about attracting positive energy. As far as the best sleeping direction is concerned, feng shui recommends the same as Vastu shastra. Sleeping with the head pointing south is considered essential for optimal sleep quality. This might vary based on whether you reside in the southern hemisphere or northern hemisphere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is sleeping in the right position important to our body?

The bed alignment and sleep position are essential for maintaining optimum blood pressure and enhancing blood circulation while asleep. The parameters become even more significant in the case of pregnant women and heart patients.

Therefore, it is important to adjust sleeping posture as per feng shui or Vastu shastra. Do not stress about late sleeping or the numerous attempts to sleep scientifically.

How to ensure that your head points towards the south while sleeping?

Adjust pillows accordingly. If you move a lot, you can even use cuddle pillows while sleeping. A sound sleep scientifically implies a state when neurons get full rest. Changing positions might affect the amount of sleep you get each night. Turning around your bed for hours is not the solution.

According to Vastu shastra, only the duration of falling asleep matters. Sleeping with your head pointing south is recommended even if you doze off in the afternoon. Another way to maintain such posture is to sleep on one side of the bed. This can be easy if you don't sleep alone or on a single bed.

What is the best way to set up your bed?

What is the best way to set up your bed, bed with opposite light sources

Set up your bed such that the light sources are in the opposite direction. Manage the curtains accordingly if you like to wake up by natural light. To ensure lying down with your head facing north, place the pillow on the opposite side and then change before lying down.

For afternoon naps, follow the same pattern. If the northeast side is not feasible, you can try sleeping diagonally as well. As mentioned before, the positioning of the bed should always be away from the side walls.

Are feng shui and Vastu shastra reliable in terms of favorable sleeping direction?

Partially. These two principles are backed by scientific evidence but are still hypothetical. The northeast direction is the least favored as per Vastu shastra. Just try lying down with your head pointing south and your feet pointing north. Repeat the same if it improves the quality of sleep.

By pointing north, it is meant that the head should rest in such a way that it is aligned towards the magnetic south. Therefore, you should make use of a compass for complying with accurate directions before sleeping.

Conclusion: Goodbye Disturbed Sleep

Your overall health and well-being mainly depend on the amount of good sleep you get each night. A rejuvenating sleep can be ensured only if you comply with the best direction to sleep and lie down in the correct sleeping position.

Shorter REM sleep cycles and lucid dreaming in human beings are sure shot signs of getting restorative sleep. Remember that all four directions have their own significance in terms of sleeping direction and bed position.