How To Have Lucid Dreams Easily - 5 Best Practice Sleep Hygiene Tips You Should Know

Lucid dreaming is a technique by which a person stays in the dream state while being aware of it. Several lucid dream studies have been conducted, which suggest that inducing lucid dreams is possible only during the last stage of rapid eye movement.

A lot of lucid dreamers have shared their lucid dreaming experiences. They were teaching how lucid dreams are based on cognition and a good memory. This article will teach you how to practice good sleep hygiene for beginning lucid dreamers by practicing self-awareness.

How To Have Lucid Dreams Easily -  5 Best Practice Sleep Hygiene Tips You Should Know

Exert Control while You Fall Asleep

The REM stage begins five hours after entering the dream state of partial sleep. Lucid dreaming occurs during this stage as prospective memory becomes active. Therefore, let your body drift slowly even if you fall in the category of light sleepers.

If you fear a nightmare, lucid dreams work at the same time. This will ensure that the first step is sorted. Focus on creativity, you can even set the alarm after five hours of sleeping to achieve lucidity. Understanding the science behind a vivid dream involves an intention to recognize your memories.

Exact Steps: How to lucid dream?

Step 1: Prepare your bedroom

Since the lucid dream technique is a bed related technique, you need to make apt arrangements in your bedroom. It is better to have a clear goal regarding what you wish to dream about. For informational purposes, the National Sleep Foundation has issued guidelines as well.

Sleep health is also determined by motor skills to calm down while lying down on your bed. The mattress should be comfortable. Avoid putting a pillow over your head.

Sleep and bedroom hygiene for lucid dreaming, person sleeping in wonderful comfy bedroom

Step 2: Become mindful of your surroundings during wakefulness

This step is essential for good sleep quality too. Let your brain detach from real life and rely only on your dreams. Standard techniques for relaxing muscles include trying to sleep, on the other hand. For some days, you can experiment as much as possible.

Step 3: Stay conscious while you fall asleep

Are you a regular dreamer? Trying reality checks might be easy for you. The ideal time for most people to induce lucid dreams is during the REM stage. Play a video game or stare at your index finger for some time. Repeat the same if you cannot reach the fantasy state. Let your ideas flow freely and work on your intention to achieve lucidity.

Stay conscious while you fall asleep, woman falling asleep

Step 4: Record your dreaming state after waking up

This is essential if you wish to remember what you dreamt about last night. You can then easily recognize the fear factors, keep track of other physical movements as well. Even if you wake up in the middle of deep sleep, write down what you saw.

Step5: Use electronic devices to induce lucid dreams

Several portable devices are now available in the market which can track the quality of your sleep. Once you have slept, the diagnosis continues till the stage of non-rapid eye movement. As you become aware of this fact and imagine a story. The device will help you realize the escape towards the dream state.

Dream Journal to Control Recurring Nightmares

Writing a journal before sleeping is a common practice these days. You should also start with the habit of maintaining a dream journal to cultivate lucid dreaming. It plays a vital role in remembering lucid dreams.

Before bedtime, you can train your consciousness to dream about a particular idea. This way, the conscious mind, and subconscious mind will determine what you explore while sleeping. If you write in your dream journal daily, it will help you develop a record and get insights into a reality check.

Enter REM Sleep to Control Sleep Cycle

The relation between the REM stage and the sleep cycle is based on the duration elapsed after falling asleep. Even the mnemonic induction of lucid dreaming is based on the same technique. To enter into a deep sleep, reality testing is also an important phenomenon.

Sleep paralysis might occur if you do not get good sleep each night. The inner psyche can determine your mental health condition. Non-lucid dreaming can also give rise to hallucinations if no control is established.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I trigger a lucid dream?

The power to induce frequent lucid dreaming lies in establishing control over REM sleep. While you stay awake in bed, you need to channelize brain activity towards other aspects you wish to dream about. Focus on imagination, you can even practice meditation with your eyes closed.

Direct induction of lucid dreams is possible only if you stay conscious of sleeping patterns during waking life. Think about what goes into your dreaming mind while you go back to sleep. More dreams occur if you gain control over the real world.

Are lucid dreams good for the treatment of existing mental health conditions?

Yes, there is some good news. Mental health conditions affecting the prefrontal cortex can be treated easily. The list includes the following -

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Depression
  • Sleep paralysis
  • Any other trauma
  • Stomach issues
  • Any phobia
  • Addiction towards drugs
  • Fear of nightmares
  • Anxiety

Is sleep paralysis related to lucid dreaming?

Yes. Sleep paralysis can be converted into a lucid dream. Medical science has a role to play in this process. The paralyzed body part can show opposite symptoms if motor skills are implied while the person is resting. The experience of pain is also associated with the same consequences.

Do not worry, even if you get the realization only for a moment. Regularly practicing this art will help you deal with many more issues.

Conclusion: Go for wake induced lucid dreaming

By now, you have seen the unsettling benefits of lucid dreaming. Every lucid dream research is unique, but you need to wake back to bed. Also referred to as the WILD technique, this procedure will ensure that lucid dreams take place each night.

Always remember that dreams are backed by scientific research. Enjoy a peaceful lucid dreaming experience to have a better sense of reality. We hope you found this article helpful!