How Do Hotels Make Their Beds So Comfortable? And How You Can Do the Same at Home!

There’s nothing like your own bed, but there’s equally nothing quite as relaxing as sinking into one of the huge, heavenly, unbelievably comfortable beds you sleep on when you stay at a hotel. Is it the mattresses? The sheets? The fact they’re turned down every day?

Admit it, we’ve all pictured squeezing one of the plush, feather pillows would fit if we reaaally tried to squash them deep down inside of our suitcase…

We’re here to put you out of your misery and explain why hotels make their beds so comfortable so that you can try to copy some of the most common techniques at home!

Turndown Service

Every morning, unless a guest has specifically requested to be left undisturbed, a member of staff will enter the rooms and “turn down” the bed linen, preparing it and making it for the night ahead.

Turndwon service in hotel, hotel maid making the bed

Depending on the establishment you’re staying at, some hotels will offer more basic turndown service, whereas others will be more elaborate and may leave pillow hearts or towel swans behind in their wake.

Having a High Thread Count

Another one of the reasons that sleeping in a hotel bed feels so comfortable is because of the quality of the sheets that are used on the beds.

As a general rule, most hotels will use sheets that have a thread count of around 250, although higher-end places will use sheets with a slightly higher 300 thread count.

The material feels soft as the linens are washed so frequently in order for them to be sanitized which will naturally soften the fabric. On top of this, most hotels will use high-quality fabric softener that also helps to ensure that the bedsheets are soft and comfortable.

Plenty of Pillows

There are so many different types of pillows that exist, yet somehow, the pillows you sleep on at a hotel always seem to be incredibly comfortable, and you always seem to have more than you would ever think you might need.

Plenty of pillows on hotel bed

This is because most high-end hotels will provide multiple types of pillows so that you have options for your head to rest on top of due people’s varying individual preferences. If you don’t see them displayed, most hotels do have different pillows if you ring reception and ask.

The fact that you have a few extra pillows also means you can pad out the bed if you would prefer so that you’re surrounded by comfort from all angles. Plus, they’re frequently replaced when they begin to lose their pump fluffiness.

Mattress Toppers

The majority of hotels will have invested in high-quality mattresses for their beds in order to provide a high quality of sleep to their guests while they’re staying at the hotel.

In addition to this, many companies will also use a mattress topper that provides even more comfort whilst simultaneously protecting the mattress underneath and prolonging its lifespan by a significant amount.

The best mattress toppers are memory foam and you can find ones with quilted, washable covers as well as deep, molding foam layers that follow the curve of your body.

Tips For Making It Feel Like a Hotel at Home

1. Change Your Sheets

It might sound obvious, but something as simple as putting on fresh bedsheets that have been dried on your washing line outside. This will bring a freshness to the room and the material will feel beautifully soft against your skin as you slide into bed in the evening.

2. Invest in a New Mattress

I hate to say it, but sometimes there’s no way around it - if you want to have a better night’s sleep, you might need to think about investing in a new mattress.

Although they can be an expensive purchase, most will come with a lengthy warranty and will last for a number of years, especially if you look after it and flip it every six months or so.

3. Stick to Neutral Colors

The majority of hotels use white or a similarly light color for their linens and bedsheets, which does a lot to help foster a cozy, cocoon-like atmosphere like a cloud for you to sleep on.

It will also make the room feel brighter and cleaner, which is great if your bedroom is usually cluttered with your belongings. You wouldn’t get that in a hotel!

4. Freshly Plumped Pillow Hearts

Another great way to bring the luxury and comfort of a hotel to your bedroom at home is to fluff your pillows at the beginning of your day so that they’re ready for you to fall onto when you come home from work and get ready to go to sleep.

By taking a flat hand and firmly hitting the middle of the pillow with your hand held to the side, you will create a cute little heart shape in your pillow which adds a nice touch.

5. Create a Relaxing Atmosphere

One of the joys of staying in a hotel for a short getaway is that there is nothing to remind you of the everyday stresses you face. The clean, simplistic, and relaxing atmosphere that most hotels try to emulate in their rooms is something you can try to replicate at home.

Whether it’s hanging a new piece of art, adding some furniture, or rearranging your room, or smaller things like leaving little chocolates on your pillow or leaving your slippers and a robe at the end of your bed.

Final Thoughts

Hotels are in the business of providing a place to sleep, so it’s no surprise that they put a lot of time, money, and effort into making sure that the beds they are offering to their guests are as comfortable as possible. Otherwise, no one would stay there…

Just make sure that the next time you’re lucky enough to stay in a hotel for the night, you don’t end up being so comfortable that you accidentally sleep through your alarms and check out late in the morning! Most places charge extra for that, you know.