Are Box Springs Necessary? - Your Quick Guide to Determine Whether You Need One

The quality of your mattress is going to be hugely influential on how well you sleep. Mattresses have evolved quite significantly over the years. Previously box springs were used to elevate a mattress from the ground, however, the majority of people now have a supportive frame or base in place so box springs aren’t in quite as much demand as they once were. Despite this, there are some cases where a box spring may still be necessary.

To help you decide whether a box spring is necessary, we have created the following guide. Several factors are going to determine whether this product is a necessary component.

What is a box spring?

What is a box spring bed? box spring bed

Box spring is a name given to a type of bed base that is used to support the mattress. Typically, a box spring is constructed from wood with support coils in the middle and covered with cloth. Aside from making you feel more comfortable and supported, a box spring increases the height of your bed so that it is easier to get in and out of. A box spring also absorbs impact and helps to reduce wear on the mattress itself.

There are two different types of box springs to be aware of. The first is a traditional box spring which is typically around 8 inches tall. This type of box spring tends to be more weighty with a firmer feel. The second type is a low-profile box spring. As implied, a box spring of this kind is lighter and therefore easier to move when needed.

What are the benefits of using a box spring?

Understanding the benefits associated with using a box spring will help you to determine whether or not you deem them to be necessary.

As previously touched upon, a box spring is going to elevate your bed and for some people, this is more aesthetically pleasing. Some people may also think that a raised bed is cleaner than one that sits fairly close to the ground. This is because it is more difficult for pets and insects to jump onto your bed.

A box spring can also improve your comfort by absorbing shock. If your bed is placed directly onto the ground and you are someone that moves around frequently throughout the night there is nothing beneath you to absorb the force. Not only is a box spring going to absorb the shock but it is going to prolong the longevity of your mattress too.

Another benefit of using a box spring is improved airflow. The majority are made from breathable materials which encourage the circulation of air so that you and your mattress remain cool throughout the night.

What types of mattresses and bed frames require a box spring?

Certain mattresses and bed frames require a box spring. At one time, traditional innerspring mattresses needed a box spring; however, due to developments in design, this isn’t necessarily the case now. The following is a list of mattresses and bed frames that need a box spring.

Collapsible bed frame

More often than not, a box spring is used in conjunction with a metal bed frame. This is because the frame essentially provides an outline for your mattress, but the lack of slats means that it cannot support it. A collapsible bed frame without a box spring isn’t going to give you the support that you need to enjoy a fulfilled, comfortable sleep.

Hybrid mattress

A hybrid mattress is made from a combination of inner springs and either foam, latex, or gel. If you have a hybrid mattress or an innerspring mattress, using a box spring is recommended because it will provide you with more support.

What types of mattresses and bed frames do not require a box spring?

Whilst there are a few instances where the addition of a box spring is likely to be appreciated, there are certain mattresses and bed frames that are not going to require one. They are as follows.

Reinforced metal bed frame

The majority of these bed frames have more metal features which improve the support and promote the even distribution of weight. The frame helps to ease the effects of wear and tear, ultimately, lengthening the lifespan of the mattress. For these reasons, a box spring generally isn’t needed.

Memory foam or latex mattress

These types of mattresses tend to be firmer and weightier. Because of this, they should be placed on a flat but tough surface rather than on a box spring.

A platform bed frame

A platform bed has a low-profile frame that is designed with either a slatted or solid surface. This surface supports the mattress. The design of this type of frame means that a box spring isn’t going to be required.

Adjustable bed frame

If you have an adjustable bed frame a box spring is not going to be needed. An adjustable bed can be profiled to several different positions. The ability to alter the height and angle allows you to customize the position that you sleep in and can also help to reduce stress and pressure on your back.

Who may benefit from using a box spring?

Certain individuals may find a box spring more helpful than others. For example, seniors or those with back problems will likely struggle to climb into and get out of a bed that is quite high. Likely, these people will also benefit from the enhanced support that a box spring provides.

Final Thoughts

There are many instances where a box spring may be considered a necessary investment. They provide height and improve support. A box spring can also protect your warranty because many manufacturers will void your policy if your mattress is placed on an uneven surface without a box spring. For this reason, you must check the terms and conditions of your warranty to check whether or not a box spring is needed. The type of bed frame and mattress that you have is going to be the most influential factor.