Can Any Mattress Be Used on Adjustable Beds? - And What You Need to Know About Such Beds

Adjustable beds come with a motorised mechanism, helping individuals who suffer from sore joints and mobility issues to find a comfortable sleeping position.

However, if you’ve never had an adjustable bed you might be wondering: Can any mattress be used on adjustable beds?

In this article, we will cover some key information about adjustable beds, including whether any mattress can be used on adjustable beds.

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What is an adjustable bed?

Adjustable beds are often associated with elderly individuals and those who have mobility issues. However, an adjustable bed could benefit any individual that finds they sleep better with their head elevated or feel comfortable with their legs slightly raised.

In short, an adjustable bed is a bed that allows you to customize your bed's alignment for the most comfortable night’s sleep.

Over the years, adjustable beds have grown in popularity and are used by a variety of individuals for health and lifestyle benefits.

Why do people choose adjustable beds?

Adjustable beds are a great option for a variety of individuals for a variety of different reasons! These include but are not limited to:

Improving circulation - Adjustable beds are known to help improve circulation, as lifting either your upper back or lower body improves circulation and can assist with recovery from mobility issues.

Relieving chronic pain - Adjustable beds allow you to recline in different positions and angles based on your needs, helping to ease chronic pains related to arthritis, sciatica, and a variety of other health issues.

Providing a better night’s sleep - Some people opt for adjustable beds with the aim of gaining a better night’s sleep. This comes down to the fact that adjustable beds help you find the ideal sleeping position, enabling you to fall asleep more quickly, remain asleep longer and wake up feeling more refreshed.

Can any mattress be used on adjustable beds?

When buying an adjustable bed, ensuring that you have the right mattress for your bed frame is vital to get the most out of your investment.

No, you can’t put any mattress on an adjustable bed. That being said, there are a variety of mattresses that can work with adjustable beds and will suit your needs. Generally speaking, all latex, memory foam, and any other non-innerspring mattress can be used on adjustable beds.

It is also worth mentioning that if you have an innerspring mattress with individual pocketed coils, this could also work.

What types of mattresses work best with adjustable beds?

There are a few types of mattresses that work best with adjustable beds. These include:

Memory foam mattresses

A memory foam mattress is a type of mattress that combines a layer of memory foam with springs or support foam for maximum comfort.

Memory foam mattresses mold themselves to your body, working to spread your body weight evenly to promote a restful sleep and better blood circulation throughout the night.

There are different types of memory foam mattresses that you can invest in. Traditional memory foam provides an improved sleep experience due to the fact that it easily adheres to your body’s shape. However, it can retain body heat as you sleep.

Gel memory foam, on the other hand, is simply memory foam that has been pumped with gel to help combat overheating when you sleep.

Open-cell memory foam is designed to combat the heating issue of traditional memory foam, also. Open-cell memory foam has a better flow of air in the mattress, which means that heat can be transferred away from your body more easily.

Hybrid mattresses

A hybrid mattress, also known as a combination mattress is a multi-layer mattress that combines memory foam, latex, or gel, as well as an innerspring system.

This combination of materials are designed to provide you with the right amount of support and comfort. The coils in a hybrid mattress give your back support and help align your spine correctly as you sleep. The memory foam, on the other hand, conforms to your body to give you a better sleeping experience.

Latex foam mattresses

A latex mattress is highly durable and combines latex foam with either springs or reflex foam to create a supportive mattress.

Similar to memory foam, latex works to contour to your body shape for the most comfortable night’s sleep. That being said, a latex mattress also features natural elasticity, meaning it springs back into shape quickly once you move.

Latex foam can be constructed from three different material types. Consumers have the option of all-natural latex, synthetic latex, and a blend of natural and synthetic.

Notes on choosing the right mattress

Try before you buy

Try out a mattress before you buy it, woman in furniture store trying out a mattress

Whichever mattress you opt for, I always recommend going into the store and trying out a few mattresses and opt for a company that offers a trial period for their mattresses. While product reviews help, you can only truly gauge whether a mattress is right for you and your needs by trying it out first.

Luckily, lots of mattress companies offer a trial period for their mattresses. For instance, Simba offers a 200-night trial for their mattresses to ensure you have found the right fit for you.

Choose the correct thickness

When choosing the right mattress for your adjustable bed, the thickness is important to provide you with the correct support.

The ideal depth for and mattresses for adjustable beds is eight inches. This is thick enough to provide good, comfortable support whilst at the same time bending with the contours of your adjustable bed frame.

In summary

No, you can’t use any mattress on adjustable beds. However, there are a variety of comfortable mattresses that you can choose from for the best night’s sleep on an adjustable bed.

Make sure that you do your research and you choose a mattress that fits in line with your needs. Investing in a mattress with a trial period allows you the time to try out a mattress, and return it if it’s not the right fit.

Happy sleeping!