How Often Should I Wash My Comforter?

Thick and cozy, the comforter is a soft blanket, usually quilted and insulated on the inside, remaining folded at the foot of your bed for when the duvet is just too much - but you don’t want to stay totally uncovered.

They aren’t a part of your usual bed linens and don’t need to be “changed” regularly like a duvet sheet and mattress cover might. This can lead people to wonder how regularly you really have to wash your favorite comforter, out of curiosity, because they’re looking to spend as little as possible, or from a hygiene perspective.

Gathering up our hair, dead skin cells, oils and pet fur (if you have them), they can eventually progress into breeding grounds for dirt and bacteria, which may become unsafe if left not dealt with for too long.

Thankfully, you’ll be pleased to know that a handful of times a year is all you’ll need to commit to cleaning your comforter. It’s said that every change of the season is a great time to throw it in the washer, which is four times in twelve months: not that big of a commitment at all!

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However, if anybody has been unwell, it is highly recommended that you boil wash all of your bedding - which includes comforters - in order to ensure that any lingering bugs or germs have been eradicated. This advice is the same should your house have an outbreak of headlice, fleas or similar pests: every possible place of transmission must be completely cleared.

Likewise, if you’ve spilled something on your comforter - unless it’s just a couple of drops, or water - then you’re going to want to wash it ASAP to prevent permanent staining or allow anything ominous to begin growing.

Should you frequently suffer night sweats, regularly eat in bed or have problem skin, it might be worth washing at a more frequent rate, as these can cause your comforter to get gross quicker, and that might not be helping with any skin conditions or sleep troubles.

If the comforter has a separate cover, then you want to take this off and wash it more regularly, every few weeks for instance. Make sure your machine is large enough to handle a comforter, particularly if you’ve got a king or queen sized bed, because if the blanket proves too big then it could damage not just your cozy comfort but also the expensive washer!

Unfortunately, many of them are dry clean only, because of their delicate insides, though some are machine washable these days and you’ll have to check the labels. It is imperative you follow all the instructions to make sure your comforter stays in a good condition and doesn’t get torn to pieces spinning around in the drum of your too-small washer.

Top Tips For Cleaning Your Comforter Perfectly

So, you know how regularly you need to be washing your comforter, and either feel very good about yourself now… or a little grossed out. Never fear! Here is some advice to make sure you’re sleeping soundly, snugly and wrapped up in a comforter that smells as cozy and sleepy as you feel.

Follow All Manufacturer Guidelines

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There will be a tag on your comforter and you must absolutely read it! If the tag says dry clean only, then you need to hit up a laundromat ASAP because they really mean it, and throwing it in your own washer rather than a commercial one is only going to ruin what might well be your favorite bedtime blanket. Instructions are there for a reason and if you don’t follow them, it’s your fault and not the manufacturer you bought it from when something goes wrong.

Ensure Your Machine Is Big Enough

As already outlined above, comforters are pretty hefty, especially when you’re sleeping in a bigger bed. If your washing machine cannot comfortably hold your comforter and you find yourself pushing it in to make it fit, then you ought to use a professional service - or at least ask a friend or family member if they could launder it for you. Otherwise, it’s bye bye comforter!

Use Quality Detergent, Softener

Although it doesn’t really matter when you use cheap and cheerful washing powder, softener, pods or whatever your cleaning products of choice are, your comforter and bedclothes (as well as your towels) are the one thing you want to spend a little more money on cleaning. Not only will the comforter stay softer, smell sweeter and feel nicer for longer, but it will also be cleaned more thoroughly and without sustaining any damage, in a larger machine than you have at home.

Visit A Professional

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Even if your comforter doesn’t say dry clean only on the tag, the best, safest and nicest-smelling way to clean it is to go to somebody who washes bed linens for a living. This guarantees it will come back to you beautifully cleaned and ready to throw carelessly over your bed for another few months, undamaged and probably in a better condition than it has been for months! It’s not expensive, particularly if you’re only washing one thing, though you might want to take advantage of any bulk-load offers and wash your whole bed linen collection a couple times a year, just for that perfectly satisfying feeling.

How To Wash A Comforter - Quick Instructions

  1. Make sure your comforter fits appropriately in the machine, then load it up safely with your chosen soap and detergent.
  2. Run it through your machine’s delicate cycle, or if there isn’t one, the gentlest there is - you can use cold or hot water, whatever your preference, but warm is best to make sure everything is thoroughly cleaned.
  3. It’s recommended you then throw it on a quick wash cycle or through a couple of spin cycles, without any soap added. This will help to rinse away any detergent residue left behind on the inside, which can mix with the internal filling of the comforter and cause it to flatten out or even get sticky any messed up.