Bed Slats vs. Box Spring: Which Should You Choose?

Setting up a bed and can't decide which bedding to use? This comparison between bed slats and box springs might ease up the choice for you. In addition to health factors, the cost and comfort factors should also be taken into consideration. Read on to know it all!

Pros and Cons of Bed Slats

Slats are just horizontally placed ladders with flat rungs. They are placed below the mattress to provide firm support. Platform beds having metal planks can be used even without bed slats. Thus, proper air circulation is maintained while you have a peaceful sleep.

Among other mattress foundations, slats are highly recommended as they come in many forms - steel slats, wooden slats, and other metals. They suit double beds as well.


  • The durability of the mattress increases
  • They give your bedroom an aesthetic look
  • They are apt for easy storage, even in less space
  • Microorganisms are kept at bay
  • Transporting them is easy
  • They are inexpensive as compared to box springs
  • They are easy to replace
  • The setup is easy


  • They do not provide soft support under a thin bedding
  • Sagging causes trouble if you leave them in moisture
  • You need to assemble them
  • One size does not fit all
  • Quality degrades as price falls down

Pros and Cons of Box Springs

Box springs help to elevate your bed. If you need more height, you can place two on a single bed. Solid platform beds go well with box springs, even if you do not use a spring mattress. Most box springs are ready-to-use, while others need to be adjusted for an even weight distribution.


  • Mattresses stay stable
  • They are suitable with most mattress types
  • A slight bounce will not hurt
  • Adding height is easy


  • When combined with heavy mattresses, they turn too bulky
  • Traditional box springs are now outdated
  • They take up a lot of space, and storage is difficult
  • There is negligible airflow
  • The fabric needs to be cleaned frequently

Bed Foundations: A Buying Guide

Shopping for the bedroom has a direct effect on the quality of sleep. Do not buy any mattress or bedding simply because it looks attractive. Carefully examine each factor and then go for the best. Consider the following essentials before you purchase a bed foundation -

Dimensions and size:

Bedding that does not fit might fail to provide adequate support. If your bed is hollow inside, take two measurements. To ensure excellent support, match the dimensions and size before you set it across the side rails.


Long-lasting foundations help you save money. Modern box springs are sturdier as compared to slats. Bed frames are supported equally by them from all sides. Metal slats might get rusted so combining them with a metal frame is a big no.

Comfort level:

If you have health issues that require you to change your bed foundation, consult with your doctor before changing any bedding. Platform beds do not suit everyone. Changing the type of mattress or bedding might have an impact on bone and muscle health as well. Go for a trial, if possible, and look out for soften lumber support.

Storage space:

Slats are the best option if you are looking for a space-savvy bed foundation. Your storeroom might get completely occupied if you do not think about this issue in advance.


Do not invest a lot if you are not impressed with the features and comfort level. The price of slats depends upon the quality of wood used. Box springs come at a higher price as the coil springs used underneath are expensive.


If you need to shift often, go for a lightweight slat. They are easy to transport and do not take a lot of time to fold. In addition, platform beds can be shifted together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best mattress foundation if you have back pain?

Which is the best mattress foundation if you have back pain, man having back pain when waking up

Box springs alone cannot solve your back problems. They need to be combined with innerspring mattresses to ease up your ache. As a result, sleep quality will also be improved. On the other hand, a bed slat might be too hard to help with such issues.

What are bed slats most suited for?

Beds with wooden or metal planks. They can be fixed easily and can even be folded in the case of a twin bed. Overall, you should assemble a bed slat if you plan to have an adjustable bed frame. Do not use it with a thin mattress. You can try sleeping on the flat surface to get an idea of how it works.

Which bed foundation is best suited for obese people?

Combine both of them- a box spring cover with bed slats. Obese people need a mattress with proper cushion technology. To help them out, the bed should be topped with memory foam mattresses. Bed slats can also hold high body weight easily.

Why do I need a mattress foundation?

For better support and to ensure that the mattress sits perfectly on the frame. Bed bases might break off in the absence of a mattress foundation. If you have a platform bed frame, go for lighter options. An innerspring mattress is the best choice.

Which is the best type of bed slat?

Wooden ones or, more specifically, those made up of plywood. They are comfortable and sturdy. A heavy mattress can be placed easily if the foundation is strong. An adjustable foundation is a must for a good night's sleep.

Do I really need a box spring or bed slats?

Depends on the cost of your bed and other essential beddings. Both these foundations help in increasing the life of the bed and the mattresses. Therefore, installing at least one is recommended to prevent the modern mattresses from deteriorating.


Beddings are an important part of bedroom decor. Whichever option you go with, make sure the bed size is measured properly. The bed frame should also be fixed properly. Once the foundation is sorted, you can begin your search for the best mattress.

Final verdict - use a box spring in the kids' bedroom and bed slats in the elders' bedroom. Ensure that all parts are secured properly before you lie down.