Is It Bad To Eat Bananas Before Bed?

I’m sure we have all heard about why certain foods before bed can be bad for us: how many of your parents warned you not to eat cheese before going to sleep, telling you that it will give you nightmares? I believed my mother for years, and to this day, I’m still not certain if there’s any science behind it. Maybe they were telling the truth to us after all. Who knows?

But, regardless, we’re not here today to talk about cheese. Today, we’re going to be talking about bananas.

So, what about bananas? Are they okay to eat before bedtime? Rich, healthy, and filled with potassium, these fruits are a delicious, filling snack, perfect for almost all occasions. On top of this, there have been many theories for years that bananas can actually help you get a better night’s sleep, although we’re unsure how scientific this fact may be.

So, let’s dig deeper. Keep reading to find out if you, too, should be eating a banana before you hit the sack, or if it really is a bad idea.

Let’s jump straight into it.

Why You Shouldn’t Eat Bananas Before Bed

Why you should not eat bananas before bed

I believe it’s always best to get the bad news out of the way, leading from the negative stuff to the positive. So, let’s jump in and start off with the cons to this debate:

1. Difficult To Digest

The first argument that comes to mind before anything else is that, while being a healthy snack, bananas are stodgy as heck. It would be assumed that eating anything as full of carbs and fiber as a banana surely wouldn’t be easy for your digestive system if you’re about to lie down and not move for roughly eight hours. Perhaps one banana should be fine to consume, but more than that may cause a tummy ache.

2. Bad for Weight Loss

If you are currently on a diet, hoping to shift a little excess weight so you can become a healthier, better version of yourself, it is definitely not worth eating a banana before sleeping. While being extremely healthy, these fruits are packed with calories, and you’re not going to be burning a whole lot of calories while you’re asleep.

3. Causes Excess Mucus (If You Have a Cold)

It is also not recommended to eat bananas before bed if you are already suffering from a cold… which sounds strange, but the ingredients in a banana can actually lead to excess mucus formation, creating more phlegm and making it more difficult to breathe. This also goes for those who suffer from asthma: it may be best to avoid bananas as your midnight snack if you’re looking for a better night’s rest.

4. Not Good for Sensitive Tummies

Lastly, bananas should also be avoided by those who suffer with stomach problems, as they may cause excess bloating and gas: that will be bad enough if you’re sleeping alone, but if not, you should probably think about your partner too.

Why You Should Eat Bananas Before Bed

Now, onto the good stuff!

Why you should eat bananas before bed

I was surprised while researching to discover that there are far more pros than cons to eating bananas at bedtime: I honestly figured it would have been the other way around. Turns out, bananas are a great bedtime snack!

1. They Will Help You Fall Asleep!

The most interesting factor I discovered was that bananas are very helpful for those who struggle with falling asleep: potassium and magnesium are both natural muscle relaxants, and bananas are filled with both of them. Those who suffer from insomnia, and other problems that make it difficult to sleep properly, should definitely try having a banana at night, as it may just be the solution that you’ve been searching for.

2. Great for Cramps

Muscle cramps are no fun, especially when you’re trying to get a good night’s sleep. This is something that many suffer from, and it can be an absolute nightmare to cope with: after all, there’s only so much painkillers can do, and realistically, we would much rather use a healthier, more natural supplement. Fortunately, bananas have been scientifically proven to prevent insufferable cramping, even while you’re asleep, once again thanks to potassium and magnesium!

3. Helps Control Stomach Acid

Those with acid reflux will know how frustrating it can be, dealing with heartburn and other uncomfortable issues. Generally speaking, most fruits will cause more damage than good in this department, as many are filled with citric acids. There is one fruit, however, that can deal the opposite effect: the wonderful banana! They can actually help neutralize stomach acid, minimizing the effects that may be caused by other foods you have eaten throughout the day.

4. Great for Fitness

If you’re a gym freak who prioritizes their fitness over anything else, you will definitely benefit from eating a banana before you go to bed! While ingesting a banana at night time will cause most people to gain weight overnight, it can be helpful if you have already planned a workout for the next morning, as the high carbs and protein will be stored in your body overnight, ready to provide you with tons of energy the next day.

5. Prevents Hunger Pangs Throughout The Night

Lastly, an attribute that many of us look for in a midnight snack is something that will keep us full: after all, no one wants to wake up in the middle of the night with their stomach rumbling.