Do Apples Keep You Awake?

If you are something that is constantly struggling to sleep, this can be frustrating to deal with. Not only does it prevent you from feeling fully rested the next day, but it can interfere with daily tasks too.

Not having enough sleep will have a negative impact on your day-to-day life, and is unpleasant to deal with when you are staring at the ceiling at 3am. If you are in this situation, then you may be wondering what is causing you to be kept awake.

There are many reasons why this may be happening, and it is only natural to take a closer look at your diet to see whether there is anything that you may need to cut out of it. While the age-old caffeine is something to consider eradicating, you may not have considered apples before.

Caffeine and apples can have an impact on your sleep, cup and apple on bed

You read that correctly… apples. Not many people associate apples with a struggle to fall asleep, but they surprisingly can have a big effect on this. In this article, we will be chatting about the links with apples and how they could be the reason why you are struggling to sleep.

How Apples Can Affect Sleep

As we have already touched upon, apples can surprisingly have an impact on how well you sleep. While you may not assume this given that apples are a fruit, this is due to what apples contain.

Your first thoughts may be that apples contain caffeine, however this is not the case. Being a fruit, they are completely caffeine free. However, the link to sleep is in relation to the amount of energy that they provide.

The Sugar Content Of An Apple

the sugar content of an apple, woman in front of fridge at night looking at an apple and donut

When looking at the energy food provides, you will want to take a look at the sugar content. Given that sugar is broken down and used for energy, the more sugar food has, the more energetic you will feel.

Apples have a total of 12 grams of sugar. When you take into consideration the size of a medium apple, this is a considerable amount. But, the difference with this sugar in comparison to artificial sugar found in candy, is that it is natural. Natural sugars are far easier for the body to use and break down, and are far better on the whole.

While an apple contains 12 grams of sugar, it is only around 90 calories, which is not too significant. The body responds to natural sugars in a similar way to caffeine. It becomes more awake and responsive as it begins to use the sugar.

However, you do not experience any of the bad side effects that come with drinking caffeine, and the natural sugars do not spike your sugar levels in the same way as artificial sugar. This means that you will feel energetic for longer.

Apples And Sleep

Apples and sleep, woman on bed before sleep staring at an apple

While this is fantastic when you need the energy, the energy that is produced is not so great if you are looking to get your body and mind ready for sleep, and as a result an apple before bed can cause you to remain awake.

Given that apples are free from caffeine, but still provide a good amount of energy, they are a great option to consider if you want to reduce your caffeine. They are a particularly great option for women who are pregnant, or people sensitive to caffeine. The energy they provide is natural, and far better than using stimulants or artificial products.

Apples are a healthy and delicious snack that is easy to incorporate into your diet. However, because of the energy they provide and the potential this has to disrupt sleep, you may want to eat apples in the morning or the afternoon instead.

While they are a great pick me up, they may not be the best evening or late night snack if you are someone that is struggling to sleep. By eating apples earlier in the day, you may find that your sleeping pattern will improve, and you will be able to sleep better at night.

Before you sleep, you will want to avoid any types of stimulants that affect this. In addition to this, foods that have a high sugar and glucose content are not the best options to consume. They will have an impact on how you are able to sleep at night, and this is something that can potentially be problematic.

Benefits Of Eating Apples

While apples are not the best option to consider as a midnight snack, in general they are a fantastic food to eat. They are a healthy option, and in addition to providing energy, they are full of great nutrients that are good for the body and general health.

Apples contain lots of vitamins, such as vitamin C, which your body will appreciate. In addition to this, apples also contain high amounts of fiber which is great for digestive health, and antioxidants too.

You may have heard the saying “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away”, and given all of the health benefits of apples, there is some truth to this. Choosing an apple to eat, rather than a chocolate bar or a packet of chips, is far better for the body.

Given the energy that apples provide, they are useful to eat as a pre- or post-workout snack too. The low calories of apples make them a great fruit to consider if you are calorie counting or on a diet, too.


To summarize, apples certainly do keep you awake. If you are someone that is struggling to sleep and eat a lot of apples, this may be the root of the problem, especially if they are consumed before you sleep.

Given the amount of energy that apples provide, they are better consumed in the morning or the afternoon. They are a healthier alternative to caffeine, and provide the same energy, without the side effects of caffeine, which is useful.

While apples are a fantastic and healthy fruit, you may want to avoid eating them before bed if you want a good night’s rest!