How Many People Sleep Naked?

Although pajamas only came to be a regular part of Western society in the late 17th century, many people today still don’t wear them.

This is because these people prefer to sleep completely in their birthday suit or some variation of being naked.

Sleeping naked has been shown to improve not just the quality of your sleep but also the quality of our relationships with our significant other with whom we share mattress space and overall health.

In fact, achieving a good night’s sleep-one that is deep and leaves you waking up refreshed-plays a massive role in our overall well-being, as sleep is essential for the proper functioning of the body and especially the brain.

A lack of sleep will lead to problems in concentration, clear thinking and your ability to process thoughts and memories.

An adult human needs between seven and nine hours of sleep, but a disruptive bedroom routine, work, daily stressors, medical disorders and diet are all factors which harmfully impact the amount of sleep we get.

Things like temperature also play a role in how well we sleep.

Some people find sleeping in the nude allows them to sleep better at night, which may be a saving grace as at least half of us in the US suffer from chronically poor sleeping habits.

More than 60% of Americans say that they have trouble with falling asleep at least one night out of seven.

Could sleeping naked be the answer to our sleep woes?

Benefits To Sleeping Nude

Benefits To Sleeping Nude

As mentioned above, sleeping naked improves relational and/or sexual health, better quality sleep leaving you refreshed in the mornings and has been reported to help with the reduction of stress, improve skin and reproductive health and has been said to improve a person’s body image overall.

When sleeping naked, your body temperature is decreased and better regulated.

This means that your REM cycle will not be disturbed, as the temperature of the body will be between the optimal 60 and 67℉.

A decrease in body temperature is biologically associated with a time to go to sleep as evenings are cooler, and our evolutionary muscle memory will kick in and make us feel more tired, quickly, allowing us to fall asleep quicker.

Because sleeping naked lowers the temperature of the body, the quality, and amount of sleep achieved is better, and so the overall mood is improved.

Spending more time naked also relieves the inner critic of negative self-talk around body image.

This is because sleeping naked allows you to change your perception of yourself and can indeed help you overcome any mental blocks formed about your body by just getting used to seeing and experiencing yourself as naked.

A few studies and reviews have shown a positive correlation between the amount of sleep and decreased weight gain. As going nude can improve your sleep, maintaining a healthy weight will be improved as well.

Some studies have even shown that sleeping in the nude may actually help your body increase its stores of brown fat-the fat which burns energy-rather than storing it as ordinary fat does.

A deeper sleep has also been associated with reducing the signs of aging and improved wound-healing capabilities.

For females, sleeping without underwear on has shown to do wonders for vaginal health.

Wearing underwear that is not breathable (such as those made from more synthetic materials) or underwear that is too tight, may result in an increased susceptibility to getting bacterial and yeast infections.

Going naked will help prevent this. If going naked is not for you, be sure to go for close-fitting, cotton made underwear.

For men, going naked will impact their sperm in terms of sperm count and fertility.

Wearing tight underwear which creates a warmer environment may damage sperm. If you are not confident enough to go fully nude, try wearing loose-fitting boxer shorts.

If you are lucky enough to have a partner to go to bed with, sleeping naked will boost your levels of intimacy.

This is because skin-to-skin contact will release oxytocin (also known as the love hormone).

The levels of oxytocin released when sleeping naked or cuddling naked have been shown to be much higher than the amount released when cuddling clothed.

Sleeping naked will also provide an increase in opportunity for sexual intimacy as well, for obvious reasons and over a long-tern relationship, sleeping naked may increase levels of attraction over time.

So how many of us are actually taking advantage of the benefits that are a result of sleeping naked?

How Many People Sleep Naked?

Well, you may be surprised to find out that the amount of Americans that sleep naked on a regular basis range from a mere 8-29%, with an average of 16.3% of these people sleeping naked on a daily basis.

The reasons people enjoy sleeping naked were stated as follows: 35% of people that sleep naked do so because it is more comfortable, 30% say it helps keep them cool at night and others reported that it helped them sleep better, boosted their love lives, for confidence and then for health reasons as well.

This means, regrettably, that 70% of Americans never sleep naked, some stating that they do not feel comfortable doing so because of their living situations (family members barging in on them, going to the restroom in the middle of the night etc.).

However, this is nothing a robe can’t fix. Other reasons included staying warm at night, the uncomfortable feeling of having genitals rub on the sheets, and because of how people were raised.

Having said that, times are changing, as over two-thirds of millennials choose to sleep in the buff over clothes because of the benefits associated with doing so.

In these studies, respondents have decided to sleep naked as it makes them feel more natural and that they feel more comfortable without wearing clothes.


If you are unconvinced about joining the growing population of naked-sleepers, here are some tips to encourage naked sleeping:

Invest in natural fiber bedding such as those made from cotton or silk and wash them regularly. Try to keep your bedroom environment cool to improve sleep quality.

Keep your extremities (hands and feet) warm. This can be achieved by taking a shower in the evening just before bed. Try to ease yourself into it- wear a little less every night and see how you go.

Try it, you may surprise yourself. Getting a good night’s sleep every night will change your quality of life, so there is no harm in giving it a shot. Happy sleeping!