What is a Throw Blanket?

With so many different kinds of options on the market for homeware and bedding, it can be easy to become confused by the two most popular types of bedding decor available to you to buy: blankets and throws.

Contrary to popular belief, blankets and throws are not the same, even though their terms are often used interchangeably. Even though both types of bedding are similar in nature, a blanket’s purpose is to keep you warm, while a throw is intended to add character and style.

For this reason, a throw is usually smaller in size than blankets and is intended for decorative purposes. They can be made from a variety of different materials, with the most popular kinds being wool, chenille, and cotton.

To help you gain a better overall understanding of throw blankets and their purpose, below you’ll find everything there is to know about them. From a more in-depth look into their purpose, why they’re so popular, and ways that you can use them - we’ve made sure to cover all bases. Let’s jump in.

What is the purpose of a throw?

Purpose of a throw blanket

As we’re sure you’ve probably already figured, the main purpose of a throw is to add style to a home space! Most commonly, throws are used to add an additional decorative element to a bed, although throws can also be used in other areas of the home, such as on the sofa in the living room.

If you’ve already begun searching for throws to add to your shopping shortlist, you might have noticed just how much choice there is out there on the market. Throws come in a variety of different sizes, colors, and styles, which means that they can range anywhere from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars. The material used is usually what affects the price point the most, with polyester and synthetic fibers being the more affordable options, and wool being the most expensive.

This is great because it means that no matter your preference or price point, there’s sure to be a throw out there that will fit the bill. You can choose to spruce up simple bedding with a vibrantly decorated throw or add an elegant finishing touch to patterned bedding with something a little more minimalistic. With so much choice, the possibilities are endless.

Benefits of using a throw

Even though a throw is seen as being a decorative item, there are plenty of ways a throw can be used practically. As they’re so versatile, a throw comes in handy when you want to curl up on the sofa and would like a light covering to feel cozy, or as a way to stay warm and toasty in the winter months all while keeping your heating bill to a minimum!

dogs on and cuddled in throw blanket

Throws also come in handy for pet owners. If you want to keep your furniture in pristine condition, you can choose to drape a throw over the part of the furniture where your furry friend wants to lay. In addition, throws can also double up as a pretty great picnic blanket in the summer months, if you want to go outside and enjoy the sun in the garden with your family.

On top of all that, the main benefit of a throw, of course, is to add a decorative element to your favorite spaces in your home! This is the main benefit and purpose of a throw, even though it can be used in different ways. Like we mentioned above, a throw can be used just about anywhere you like, including your bedroom, living room, or even in your home office.

How to use a throw

The best part about throws is how versatile they are! When it comes to styling your throws, there’s no set rule for how to do it, so feel free to get creative and place it in different areas around your home as you see fit.

They’re a great way to add an instant touch of stylish elevation to your favorite spaces and can help to create a cozy and homely atmosphere. Need a little inspiration? Here are some easy ways that you can use your throw today:

Drape it over a sofa

One of the most popular ways that people like to style their throw is by draping it over their sofa or couch. It’s a great way to add a little extra something to your seating area, and you can even match your throw with your sofa’s pillows. You can either choose to drape it over part of your sofa, or you can simply fold it up and place it over the arm of your sofa for a neat and simple look.

Fold it over the end of a bed

throw blanket on edge of bed

Another way that you can use your throw is by placing it on your bed. If you’re the type of person that likes to switch up your bedding for different seasons or according to your mood, then a throw is an inexpensive way to switch up your decor. You can choose to place your throw directly over the top of your bedding, or you can fold it up and try positioning it in different angles to create a cozy and elegant ambiance.

Place it on a chair

throw blanket on chair

Another way that you can use your throw is by draping it over a chair, especially if the back of the chair is visible, as it means you can show off the entirety of the throw. All you’ll need to do is fold the throw in half one or two times (depending on its size) and then position the throw over your chair to add an instant touch of fun to your living space. If you wanted to go the extra mile and switch things up, even more, you could even choose to go for a throw that has tassels on the corners, as draping it across the chair will be the easiest way to show them off!