What are Deep Pocket Sheets and How to Use Them?

Sleep is one of the most important factors that contribute to our overall happiness and health. A good night’s sleep is essential for a productive day.

So, when you lie down on your bed, ready for a great night’s sleep, what kind of sheets are you laying on? Are they comfortable? Do they feel good on your skin? And, most importantly, are they properly fitted?

There is nothing more annoying than an ill-fitting bedsheet that pings off your mattress during the night leaving you to sleep on the uncomfortable, scratchy mattress below. Plus, waking yourself up in the middle of the night because your feet are tangled in the bunched up sheet is not what you want!

You may need to invest in some new sheets that properly fit your mattress. The perfect solution for this is a deep pocket sheet. These sheets will let you wave goodbye to awkwardly reaching from corner to corner of your bed trying to stretch the sheet to fit, only for it to fly off the other side. No more waking up on top of your bare mattress wondering where that lovely sheet you spent so much money on has gone.

What is a deep pocket sheet?

Deep pocket sheets are designed to fit a larger mattress better than standard fitted sheets. They have deeper measurements and often have stronger elastic inside the hem of the sheet, so they stay fitted on the mattress better.

To differentiate between a standard sheet and a deep pocket sheet, check the measurements as a deep pocket sheet is much deeper. A standard fitted sheet is typically seven to 14 inches deep whereas a deep pocket sheet can be between 15 and 22 inches deep.

Why use a deep pocket sheet

Messed up bed with deep pocket sheets

Deep pocket sheets make a great addition to any bed, but they are particularly useful on thicker mattresses or if you use any additional accessories like mattress toppers and protectors.

If you find that your sheet often bunches and gathers during the night, it’s probably because it’s too small for your mattress. Or maybe you find making your bed a major struggle because you can’t quite stretch the sheet around every corner? A deep pocket sheet will solve this too!

How do I know what size sheet to buy?

The average mattress will be between eight and 12 inches deep, although mattress depth can vary outside that.

If your mattress is around 14 inches or above, a deep pocket mattress will fit best and ensure every corner is entirely covered and secure enough not to move and come loose while you sleep.

To measure your mattress for a fitted sheet use a tape measure to measure the height from the bottom of the mattress where it rests on the bed frame and the top. It’s best to do this on a corner for the most accurate reading.

Once you’ve measured your mattress you should then take into consideration any mattress toppers you may use as this will affect the overall depth. Perhaps measure the height of your mattress once all additional accessories are in place.

It is worth noting that not all sheet manufacturers will label the sheets in the same way but just be sure to look for either ‘standard’, ‘deep’, or ‘extra-deep’.

Do I have to have an extra-thick mattress to use a deep pocket sheet?

You can use a deep pocket sheet on any mattress however, the fit will vary depending on the thickness of the mattress.

If your mattress is considered ‘slim’ or its depth is below eight inches, a deep pocket sheet would be a very loose fit and while it definitely won’t ping off in the middle of the night you may still struggle with uncomfortable bunching. This is because there will be a lot off excess material. In this instance it would be best to stick with standard fitted sheets.

However, if your mattress is a standard thickness or extra-thick a deep pocket sheet would be the best option to ensure you won’t have to struggle with trying to stretch out your sheet over each corner or material bunching when you move in your sleep.

What if a deep pocket sheet is too small for my mattress?

If you find that a deep pocket sheet is still not properly covering your entire mattress you might need to size up to an ‘extra-deep’ pocket sheet.

There are not many differences between a deep pocket sheet and an extra-deep pocket sheet apart from the fact that extra-deep are better suited to extra-thick mattresses or if you have a mattress that is over 16 inches thick and has a mattress topper on top.

Are deep pocket sheets expensive?

Generally, deep fitted sheets will be more expensive than standard fitted sheets because they require more material. You can purchase deep fitted sheets as part of a bedding set so the price will depend on the overall set. Alternatively you can buy deep pocket sheets separately which will obviously be cheaper.

It mainly depends on the quality of the materials used. If you are on a budget you could pick up a deep pocket sheet for a similar price to budget standard sheets. But, if you’re after a higher-quality, read the specifications of the sheet to check what materials it’s made of. Cotton, linen or silk would all be great choices in terms of comfort. Silk would be a much higher price than cotton.

Final say

We’ve all been rudely awoken in the middle of the night by a bunched up sheet tangled between our toes. It’s frustrating having to get out of bed in the dark to fix it. So, investing in properly fitting sheets for your mattress will be a massive time-saver. Deep pocket sheets are the perfect solution to this problem. The deeper corners will fit around the corners of your mattress with ease and the strong elastic hem will ensure no slipping during the night.