How To Set An Alarm

While we would once rely on the positioning of the sun and the sound of roosters to wake us up in the morning, alarm clocks for a few years now have become the primary method of getting us awake and active in the morning. 

Alarms not only ensure that we get up when we need to, they also help create an effective and rigid sleep pattern which our body can get accustomed to so it knows when to get up without feeling drained and tired. 

Nowadays however alarms are extremely varied and can be set up in a multitude of ways because of how accessible they are.

This means actually knowing how to set one on any given device can not always be as clear as we’d like, which is why we have taken a look into how to set an alarm so you can rest assured you won’t sleep in for too long the next day.

Wind Up Alarm Clock 

There is a certain charm to the traditional wind up tick tock clocks, not only are they extremely portable and can be placed anywhere around the house, they also do not rely on electricity meaning any power outages or charger failures will not affect your waking time.

Essentially all wind up alarm clocks are set using the same method which luckily is quite easy and can be done in just a few steps:

Step 1 - Set Current Time

Start by looking for the two buttons and wind up keys at the back of the clock. Use the button labeled ‘Clock’ to move both the hour and minute hands to set the clock to the current time. 

Step 2 - Wind the Clock 

Next, you will want to wind up the clock by winding up the key labeled ‘Clock’ and turning it clockwise until it stops.

Step 3 - Set the Alarm 

Now use the button labeled ‘Alarm’ to move the third clock hand to set the alarm to the time you would like it to ring off on.

For example, if you want the alarm to go off at 9am, then simply move the ‘Alarm’ hand to the number 9, and if you want to get up at half past 9 then move it halfway between 9 and 10.

Step 4 - Wind the Alarm

Similar to before, use the wind up key labeled ‘Alarm’ and turn it clockwise until it stops. 

Step 5 - Activate Alarm 

Next you will just need to activate the alarm so it goes off at the right time, this can differ slightly between different models. On most wind up clock models, the alarm can be set by pulling on the button that was used to set the time for the alarm.

On other models, this can be its own designated button labeled ‘Alarm’ which can similarly be pulled out and is usually found near the top of the clock. 

How to Set an Alarm

Mobile Phone Alarm 

Alarms are also now commonly set on mobile phones which make it quick and easy to be able to set a time to get up in the morning.

While this is extremely easy to do, the way you actually set an alarm can differ slightly on which type of device you are using.

Iphone Devices

All Iphone devices have a built in alarm function which can be utilized by simply scrolling through a few menus.

Step 1 - Open Clock App

On the main dashboard, look for the ‘Clock’ app which is recognisable by the large clock hand symbol slowing moving around. Tap this and then press the ‘Alarm’ option.

Step 2 - Tap ‘Add’ 

Next you will be asked if you want to delete or add a new alarm, click ‘Add’ to set up a new alarm time entirely.

Step 3 - Set Alarm Time

Now you will be asked to set a time for your new alarm. Simply select the time you would like to get up at and save your changes, the phone will now be counting down to the alarm where it will then ring off.

Step 4 - Other Options

There are a few other additional features you can change to set the alarm the way you would like it. The ‘Repeat’ option in the alarm section will allow you to set an alarm which is recurring.

‘Label’ allows you to change the names of your alarm so you can set it as a specific reminder, and ‘Sound’ allows you to set the actual alarm sound to the one you want.

This means rather than having a noisy ringing noise or one that you know will put you in a bad mood when you get up, you have the choice of picking much softer and easier alarm sounds to wake up to. 

Android Devices

Android devices also have a built in alarm feature, however getting to it can mean toggling through some different menus. 

Step 1 - Find Clock Menu 

First you will need to find the ‘Clock’ menu which is either on the main dashboard or you can find on the search tab when you swipe up.

Step 2 - Plus Symbol 

You will now be on the ‘Alarm’ screen. There will be a ‘+’ symbol at the bottom right to add an alarm, tap this.

Step 3 - Set Alarm

Now you can set the alarm, choose the time you wish the alarm to ring off at and then finish by tapping ‘Save’ in the top right.

The phone will now be set to ring off at that time, and you can similarly change the label and alarm noise if you want to.


Alarms are incredibly important for not only getting us up in time and making sure we are where we need to be in a timely fashion, but also for helping create a firm and efficient sleeping pattern that can massively improve sleep hygiene overall and help us stay clear headed and healthy as we move throughout the day.

Luckily using an alarm, whether on a standard clock or a phone, is incredibly easy so it is always worth utilizing in our day to day lives.