How Long Do Mattresses Last?

Investing in a high quality mattress is super important for getting a good nights sleep. A mattress is made up of layers, each designed to provide comfort and support for your body.

You may already have an idea about what type of mattress you like, however, there are many other factors to consider when choosing the right one for you.

How long a mattress lasts depends a lot on what kind of material you choose. A memory foam mattress will not last as long as a spring mattress, but a latex mattress might last longer.

If you're sharing a bed with someone else, you may need to consider the comfort level of your partner when choosing a mattress as well as your own personal preferences.

Discuss with your partner if you prefer firmness, soft  or somewhere in between.  There are also many other factors to consider, including price.

Here we will explain why you need to choose the right mattress, and what you need to look for when buying one as well as the all important issue of how long a mattress will last. 

Buying a new mattress; woman choosing a mattress in the store with Sales man

Memory Foam

Memory mattresses are great if you're looking for a mattress that will last. They offer great comfort and support and are extremely durable. You may notice after a while that your memory foam mattress starts to lose its shape and begin to sag.

At this point, you should consider an upgrade especially if you've had your mattress for a while. If you wake up feeling stiff and sore, it might be time to replace it.

If your mattress is sinking in the middle and is not comfortable at all, this is a definite sign that your mattress may need replacing.

Memory foam mattresses lose their elasticity and become hard over time. If you notice any discoloration on your mattress, check its warranty before buying another one. 

On average a memory foam mattress should last 10-15 years if taken care of properly. 


Latex mattresses are made from natural rubber latex harvested from Hevea brasiliensis tree sap. They are the longest lasting type of mattress available. They are not toxic, non-allergenic and hypo-allergenic. 

Latex mattresses come in two types: Organic and Synthetic. Organic mattresses will last longer than synthetic ones because they are not blended with other materials. Synthetic mattresses are blends of natural and synthetic latex. 

Most synthetic latex mattresses are cheaper than organic ones but tend to wear out quicker. You should expect to keep your latex mattress to last for 20 years or more without needing to change it especially if it is a high quality one. 


Hybrid mattresses are the best choice for those seeking comfort and durability. While they can sag a bit after a few years, they are still very durable.

Most hybrids will last at least five years, and many companies claim that they can last even longer. 


How long do inner spring mattresses last; inner springs of a mattress being old and rusty

Innersprings are great because they provide firmness and give you a good night’s sleep. However, they do tend to sag over time, making them less comfortable and adding pressure points.

This means that if you buy an innerspring bed you need to replace it every few years. You may get away with buying a cheap one, but you should really invest in something that lasts longer.

If you buy an innerspring mattress that you can flip over, it reduces wear and tear on one side meaning it may last longer than 10 years. 

Other Issues Affecting Mattress Longevity 

Along with the type of mattress, you should also consider what kind of sleeper you are. People who sleep on their stomachs tend to have softer mattresses because the pressure points aren’t as pronounced.

People who sleep on side positions often need firmer mattresses because they put more stress on the joints.  

Side sleepers need to be aware that memory foam mattresses are not recommended for frequent use because they lose their ability to conform to your body after a while.

You should consider getting a mattress that is designed specifically for side sleepers. This includes firmness levels and materials. A mattress that is too soft may cause discomfort when sleeping on your side. 

If you prefer a firmer mattress, consider a hybrid mattress like an orthopedic mattress. These mattresses combine memory foam with other types of material, like latex, gel, or viscoelastic foams, to create a firm yet comfortable mattress.

You should also think about mattress thickness when shopping for a mattress. Thicker mattresses are more durable and offer greater protection against moisture.

How Long Do Mattresses Last

Preserving the Life of your Mattress 

Another way to prevent having to change your mattress too often is to look after it properly. How can you do this? Try the following:

Rotate your Mattress 

Rotating your mattress regularly helps keep the surface even and prevents indentations. If you're lucky enough to own an adjustable bed, you can flip it around every few months. 

Place on a Sturdy Base 

Make sure the base is sturdy enough to support your weight and that there aren't any gaps that could allow dust to enter.

Keep your Bed Clean

If you have an old mattress, consider washing it out with water and detergent. You may also want to remove any sheets or blankets that have gotten dirty.

Wash them separately if you wish. Make sure to air-dry your mattress after cleaning it. A properly maintained mattress will last longer and provide better comfort.

Appropriate Cover 

Use a protective cover. Mattress protectors are made of soft fabric material that slips over the mattress and provides protection against stains and odours. They can be machine washed and dried easily.

In Summary 

Investing in a good mattress is paramount for good health. Getting a good night’s sleep allows the body to work at optimum level and helps you function properly in your day to day life.

As the old saying goes ' always make sure you have good shoes and a good mattress because if you aren't in one you're in the other' Wise words indeed!