How To Force Yourself to Sleep - Easy Steps You Can Start Tonight for Instant Better Sleep

After having a tiring day full of stress: We either sleep instantly or sometimes cannot sleep at all. From counting sheep to drinking warm milk at night before bedtime, if you have also tried every possible thing but still can't sleep; here is something that might help you.

The reason why you are not getting the conventional night's rest

The reason why you are not getting the conventional night's rest; man awake in bed sleepless

With no physical activity and so many mental health issues, sleep disorders, and a bad sleep cycle, it becomes challenging to fall asleep in less than five minutes. Research says that the blue light of electronic devices and gadgets like phones can also create an imbalance in your sleep.

The "5-Minute Tips" to Sleep Naturally

1. A consistent sleep schedule helps sleeping better

To make a better sleep system for the body, you should try and follow a consistent time. This would help in training your brain about circadian rhythm.

2. People with insomnia should have an exercise routine

One of the reasons why you can't sleep is because you are not exercising your body enough. Due to this, our body is mostly relaxed throughout the day and that is why our body doesn’t feel the need to take rest. Suffering from insomnia could be the result.

3. No phones or electronic devices 30 minutes before you go to sleep

No phones or electronic devices 30 minutes before you go to sleep, couple in bed looking at phones

Scrolling on your social media sites and thinking about sleeping will not help you in any way. If you want to fall asleep quickly, avoid using any kind of gadget for at least 30 minutes before going to bed. These gadgets have radiation and tend to keep your mind busy.

4. Try to create a perfect sleeping environment to fall asleep faster

It can be beneficial to sleep in a room where the room temperature is not too hot or cold in the winter and where the light or night lamp is blurry or green in color. Having a meal or a hot beverage before sleeping will also promote better sleep.

5. No blue light & white noise

According to medical experts, melatonin is a hormone produced in our body that manages our sleeping and awakening times. However, if exposed to light, the melatonin levels get low, and hence, the brain is unable to tell your body to sleep. Similarly, if there is a lot of noise around you, it will be difficult for your mind to get proper rest. Some experts suggest using white noise machines to provide better sleep.

6. Comfortable mattress and bedroom

A clean bed, pillows, and a comfortable mattress are also essential items to make you fall asleep almost immediately.

7. Practice meditation to deal with your stress and calm nervous system

In different scientific researches, it has been shared that stress is the leading cause of sleep disorders, insomnia, heart disease, hair loss, headaches, sexual dysfunction, and high blood pressure.

There is only one solution for all of your problems: relax your mind and practice meditation to relieve stress when you go to sleep. Inhaling and exhaling while mindful breathing also regulates blood flow and helps in improving sleep patterns.

8. Don’t overuse sleep medicines without medical advice

Don’t overuse sleep medicines without medical advice, sleepless woman staring at pills on night stand

If you have trouble falling asleep, you can start medical treatment with a doctor who may prescribe sleeping pills to help you get a good night's sleep. However, a person with insomnia is advised not to take sleep medicine every day because it can cause side effects and tend to lose its effect well over time.

How to force yourself into falling asleep fast?

Some generic things might or might not work in your favor, therefore, here is a guide for you if no other way comes handy in making you fall asleep.

Use the 4-7-8 breathing method for better sleep

The 4-7-8 breathing exercise is a simple yet effective method that will help you sleep in peace and make you feel relaxed in a couple of minutes.

How to practice this medically reviewed exercise during bedtime?

To practice this exercise, first, you need to lie down in a comfortable position, then you need to place the tip of your tongue behind your upper front teeth. After that, exhale the air completely via your mouth and then close your mouth for four seconds while inhaling through your nostrils.

Then, hold your breath for seven seconds, and finally, exhale through your mouth slowly for up to eight seconds. Once you complete this process step by step, repeat this exercise three more times.

Trying Progressive Muscle Relaxation every night will promote sleep

Trying Progressive Muscle Relaxation every night will promote sleep, woman relaxed on bed

This method is used to control anxiety and relax the tensions in the muscles. With this process, one can not only feel instantly relaxed and stress-free but also fall asleep faster.

How does this technique work to make you fall asleep quickly?

First, lie down in the bed comfortably. Then, take five deep breaths slowly and raise your toes in the air. Then slowly, put your toes on the ground. Put a little pressure on the calves and then relax. Now, bring the knees closer, hold and then ease out.

After this, repeat the same holding and relieving exercise with thigh muscles. Here, you need to clench your hands and leave after a little while. Now, hold your arms, and then let it rest. Thereafter, squeeze your buttocks for a short while before you relax.

Then, contract your abdominal muscles and relax for some time by taking a few deep breaths. After relaxing for a couple of seconds, raise your shoulders to the ear level and then relax after holding for a little while. Now, purse your lips together, hold and then release. After that, open your mouth wide, hold and then relax. Now, close your eyes tightly, hold and then release. Raise your eyebrows then and relax. Although this might seem like a lengthy procedure, researchers found that this routine will help to promote sleep during the desired bedtime.

Attempt Paradoxical Intention when you get into bed

Lie down in your bed and stay awake instead of trying to sleep. Do not do anything. When you do not put extra effort into trying, you will see that sleep would come naturally. It can't get easier than this!

Avoid looking at the clock when you are trying to fall asleep

Some people are in the habit of monitoring their sleep cycle continuously. Therefore, they keep on looking at the clock before sleeping so that they know when did they sleep and sometimes, when they wake up, they immediately check the time to see when they wake up and when they will sleep back now.

Avoid lying in bed during the day

Again, if you get the needed rest in the daytime, your body will not be ready for a long sleep at night. Therefore, try not to sleep in the afternoon and minimize the chances of a good night's sleep later on. This might also create a problem with your sleep schedule.

Practice writing before you go to bed

Some people have trouble sleeping because their thoughts keep going around in circles. According to studies, this can cause anxiety and stress, leading to negative emotions and sleep disturbances. Writing down positive events that occurred during the day — or that may occur in the future — can help you feel grateful, happy, reduce stress, and relax before bedtime.

What to avoid for improved sleep quality?

Avoid caffeine

Consuming caffeine is mostly associated with waking up, so it might be difficult for you to fall asleep if you consume caffeine close to your bedtime.

Avoid taking a high amount of alcohol

Avoid taking a high amount of alcohol, two guys getting sleepy after drinking alcohol

There is research that says alcohol consumption delays the sleep cycle. So, if you are planning to maintain a sleeping schedule, you might want to control your drinks.

Avoid taking heavy meal dinner

Have you ever tried sleeping after a heavy meal? Can you sleep? No! When a person eats heavy food, it delays the digestion process and that is why the whole body feels heavy. To avoid that delay in sleeping time, eat less at night and eat at least two to three hours before going to bed.

Foods that influence your sleep

Final thoughts

With social media and so many gadgets coming our way, people have started using their bedtime as the time to connect with the world. This is why they are not able to put their mind at ease even when it is their time to sleep. So, use technology but not to an extent that it hampers your mind, body, and soul. Also, work on your eating habits, minimize your alcohol consumption, and try meditation. All of these things will help you sleep better.