Sleep Wearables, Sleep Trackers and Monitors

Sleep Wearables, Sleep Trackers and Monitors

The wearable craze show no sign of slowing down. In fact it may be just the beginning. Sales of activity tracking 'wearables' are tipped to exceed $US1.5 Billion this year according Kevin Tillmann, senior research analyst for the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA); this is up 35% on last year.

Looking at Google trends, I'd say it might have a bit further to run:

sleep wearables google trends

 And of course, when it comes to sleep there are no shortage of gadgets and sleep wearables designed to help you record and understand your sleeping patterns every night of the week.

Whilst I haven't personally tried any yet, I'm looking at the the Fitbit sleep monitoring wristbands.

I'm really interested in these technologies since they could be so easily integrated into the Hibermate Sleep Mask to monitor your sleep health; i.e. how many hours sleep you're getting each night, how much you move around during the night and even how much noise you're either making (i.e. snoring) or being subjected to. If it was possible to couple this data with brain monitoring sensors to try and understand how much important REM sleep you're receiving each night, it could be amazing and really help improve your sleeping patterns.

After some research I ended up purchasing the Misfit Shine which seems to be a more 'portable' and versatile sleep wearable and should be delivered in the next few days. I'll try and review it once I've had a chance to trial it.

Watch this space!