Hibermate Sleep Mask with Earmuffs

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The world's first noise-cancelling sleep mask.

While other sleep masks only block light, the Hibermate Sleep Masks reduces unwanted noise with integrated ear muffs to help you get to sleep faster & stay asleep longer.

The Hibermate sleep mask is a super-comfortable, easily adjustable, luxury eye mask with removable ear muffs especially designed to be slept with. The ear muffs are made with sound-reducing, super-soft ear cushions so you sleep uninterrupted, resulting in a more refreshing, deep and natural sleep. You’ll wake up feeling fantastic.

Money back guarantee. Free shipping on orders over $75. Available in Black or Navy. 

Color: Black

Yes! The Hibermate Sleep Mask uses 4 layers of material to prevent light seepage. The first is the outer satin cover, the second is a layer of firm inner material to help the mask maintain it's shape, and the side which rests against your skin is a wonderfully soft cotton jersey.

Sandwiched between is a layer of wadding (or batting), which is used as padding, but it too helps prevent light getting through to your eyes. The way the mask has been designed, prevents any light getting in from the sides.

If you experience any light seepage from under the bridge of your nose, simply put your finger on the bridge of your nose and move it upwards - this pushes that part of the mask into a snugger position and helps it fit better on your face.

The simple answer of course is 'yes!'

The ear muffs on our Sleep Mask are manufactured from medical grade silicone with thick but soft silicone cups. Inside the ear muffs are custom ear cushions which are exactly like the ones used on high-end headphones, like Beats, Sennheiser, Bose etc.

They also create a lovely seal, are moisture resistant and are amazingly snug and comfortable.

They help create an awesome seal which helps reduce noise beautifully!

If you want even more noise-blocking quiet while you sleep, wearing the Hibermate Sleep Earbuds underneath your Hibermate Sleep Mask will make sure you sleep soundly no matter what's happening around you. 

You can purchase without worry because all Hibermate orders are backed by a 60 day money-back guarantee. If you don't love your Hibermate for any reason contact us at support@hibermate.com. 

Customer Reviews

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Way too small!

I tried adjusting the straps dozens of times only to have it fully loosen and that still squeeze my head. I've tried to get ahold of customer service and the website isn't letting me submit it so I tried where of you have questions and yet still no answer. Since I had no help what so ever with this useless product, I tried to loosen them even more but all that did was break them. I hate the product and gave now wasted my money, thanks hibernate....

Sleep like a baby, thin-walled/ floored apartment

I was needing some help here in Los Angeles where no one warned me just how new they are to building high rises before I moved from quality constructed older buildings in Chicago. I didn’t realize how much noise was a thing in apartments until here! After earplugs which got weird and messy and hurt my ears and yet a while, I found these wonderful wonderful life savers. They have allowed me to sleep through passive aggressive downstairs neighbors, hallway door slamming and whatever else might be going on that I have no idea about in my hibermate cocoon. They took some getting used to and the first few times I tried them I really didn’t take heed to the warning about making sure hair isn’t in the way. Once I got that down and tightened the straps just right, all but the light humming of city life and was cancelled out. I’m so glad these worked out and would definitely recommend them.

Great product

I was looking for a headset to be used at night that would allow me to put on earphones without having the pillow that presses on the earpiece and the ear canal. It's very specific as a use but this product corresponds perfectly to this. After removing the small foam in the earmuffs, my earphones fit well, do not fall out during the night and protect from shocks with the pillow when I sleep on my side. The materials used are of quality, the mask is comfortable and blocks the light well. The only defect is that the earmuffs are too warm after few hours.
The passive noise reduction is similar to an usual headphones but coupled with active noise cancelation of my earphones I can't hear anything all night long, it's a perfect combo.
I recommend this product for those who want to sleep with headphones and be cut off from ambient noises

Really comfortable for a side sleeper

This mask/earmuff is really comfortable for a side sleeper like me. My other half snores like a water buffalo, however, so I have to wear foam earplugs too. But they are far more comfortable to wear thanks to the way the earmuffs sit over my ears. I'm definitely going to buy another set so I can take them on holiday once this bl**dy virus is under control. Stay safe.

Best sleep mask I've ever had

This mask really blocks out all the light, I love it. The ear muffs definitely block out some of the sound, but not all of it. You might want to use ear plugs as well.