Best Podcast To Fall Asleep To

What podcasts are you listening to before bedtime? Are they helping you sleep better, or worse?

Sleep is essential for our health and well-being. Sleep deprivation has been linked to an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, depression, and anxiety.

If you struggle to get to sleep, you may need something to focus on, or a distraction.

There are many ways to get a good night’s rest, from meditation to exercise to reading a book. If you want to improve your sleep quality, try these podcasts.

Why Podcasts?

Podcasts are great, and they come in all forms. There are true-crime podcasts, comedy podcasts, literature podcasts, and relaxation podcasts.

There is a long list of podcasts that are designed to help you fall asleep, and a lot of people find it helpful to listen to.

Whether you suffer from insomnia, or a racing mind, these podcasts can help you fall asleep, whether that's through relaxing voices and noises, or an interesting story.

Best Podcast to Fall Asleep to and Calm Your Racing Mind

Nothing Much Happens

First up on our list is a great podcast called 'Nothing Much Happens', where simply, nothing much happens.

This is ideal for those who tend to have an overactive mind at night. Nothing Much Happens shares some simple yet encapsulating short stories that are easy to listen to.

Each story is twenty minutes, which is just enough time for you to doze off. This podcast has a relaxing meditation teacher as a narrator, which helps with the falling asleep aspect!

The tales told in Nothing Much Happens are gentle, calming, and you're bound to fall asleep in no time.

The ASMR Podcast

The ASMR Podcast is a podcast that compiles lots of soothing and stimulating noises to help you reach the maximum stage of relaxation. ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response.

This refers to the relaxing sensation you get when you feel a stimulating sensation, such as someone cutting/touching your hair, or somebody whispering close to your ear.

These sounds stimulate a meridian nerve in our bodies that gives us a tingling, sleepy sensation.

This podcast intends to replicate this feeling with trigger noises such as whispering, rustling fabric, and using wooden blocks to emulate these relaxing noises for you to fall asleep to.

Sleep With Me Podcast

Sleep With Me is a podcast centered around helping those who do not like to fall asleep become sleepy. The creator, Drew Ackerman, combines the idea and hardship of insomnia with comedy to create a unique storytelling podcast.

This podcast is truly unique, and the stories in this podcast are supposed to be dull yet humorous, with the intention to gleefully bore you into a deep sleep! Each episode is an hour, and there are over 1000 of them to listen to.

Just Sleep – Bedtime Stories For Adults

This podcast does exactly what it says on the tin. Just Sleep is a podcast for those who struggle to get to sleep.

This podcast brings back the love of childhood bedtime stories, but for adults. If you have had a stressful day or bad day, this podcast will help you settle down to sleep in no time at all.

Phoebe Reads A Mystery

Now, if you're a true-crime fan who craves some shut-eye, this podcast may be the one for you. Phoebe Judge is an amazing podcast host. She is very calm and soothing when reading mysteries.

Phoebe simply reads mysteries from famous crime fiction books by authors such as Arthur Conan Doyle, and Agatha Christie. This podcast is unique, but it is an excellent mix of familiarity and relaxation if you are a fan of crime novels.

Get Sleepy Podcast

Get Sleepy Podcast

Get Sleepy is a podcast that is designed to make you sleepy, which is exactly what you want. This podcast features meditation techniques and sleepy stories and exercises to make you drift off to sleep.

This podcast is brought to you by a small team of writers, sound designers, and voice over artists who will help you fall asleep each night.

Each episode of this podcast is up to 40 minutes, and you can listen to the soothing meditative voices for as long as you desire with their lengthy range of episodes.

Additionally, this podcast will teach you some great breathing techniques to help you completely relax.

Soul Sistas Sleep Meditation

This podcast focuses on helping black and indigenous women relax and get ready for bed.

Black women are taught how to meditate and connect with their ancestors, whilst dealing with hard topics. Topics include grief, heartbreak, and loss.

This podcast is engaging, but it teaches you how to reconnect with your body and soul, and how to transition into a peaceful and relaxing state of mind.

The New Yorker Fiction

The New Yorker Fiction podcast is made by Deborah Treisman who reads famous works of literature and poetry, with guests.

This podcast is intriguing and interesting, but it also helps calm you through distraction. Deborah's voice is pretty soothing too, so this helps.

What Sounds Make You Sleepy?

A study shows that sound is an effective method for sleeping. It is common to think that we need silence to get sleepy, but actually, we should listen to soothing sounds while trying to get some rest.

Pink noise is a type of sound that mixes high and low frequency sounds together. It helps you relax and fall asleep, and it's similar to white noise, but it has different properties.

A study found that listening to pink noise decreases the amount of time it takes to fall asleep by 38%. Rainfall, beach waves, and other types of noises are examples of pink noise. Soft music and voices are relaxing.

Benefits Of Listening To Podcasts At Bed Time

It is recommended not to do any kind of stimulation before bed, but there is some evidence that this may not be true for certain types of auditory stimulants. Relaxation podcasts may actually promote deep restful sleep.

Slow waves in your brain occur at a specific frequency, which means that listening to something that's similar to or at that frequency could help you fall asleep faster.

Final Thoughts

Podcasts can be great tools to help us relax and unwind. They can also serve as a means to learn about new topics that interest us. In this article, we shared some of the best podcasts to listen to before bedtime.