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All Pre-orders shipped out - already out of stock on Pitch Black

Posted by Chris Thomas on September 20, 2016. 0 Comments


It's been a crazy few weeks on so many fronts.

We have fully migrated to Floship for the first time for all fulfillment world-wide. It's been a bit of a learning curve as we have dealt with almost a thousand pre-orders and regular orders travelling all over the world.

For some customers its been smooth sailing but of course, like anything new, there have been a few headaches caused by various carriers we use to ship to certain countries.

We're changing carriers weekly to try and find the best ones to use for each country. Hang in there with us...  

While all this was going on, my amazing assistant Paula had a serious health scare which saw her rushed to hospital for a week or so. I was so worried about her but she's making an excellent recovery and has been hassling me to come back to work! 

Not yet Paula, not yet!

We've also just sold out of Pitch Black masks but I've commissioned more to be made which will be ready for Christmas.

Amazon took delivery of 1,050 Gen 4. Hibermates and 740 Gen 1. Original sleep masks 2 weeks ago as I write this and have been "so busy" that they haven't had time to put the stock into my inventory so I can sell them.

All care and no responsibility with Amazon, that's for sure. The standard they hold us sellers to with their customers is very strict (VERY).

It costs business like mine a ton of cash to not be able to sell products. Very hard to pay suppliers and other business costs when you have no cash-flow!

All fun and games at the moment, but it'll all work out.

It always seems to!





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