All New Hibermate Sleep Ear Buds (Red) - Premium Sound Isloating Sleeping Headphones to Block Noise and Sleep Better

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Hibermate Sleep Headphones (Red), Earbuds with 3 interchangeable Tips for any ear size (small, medium & large). Use for Sleeping, Sport, Working out. Comes with in-line Volume Control, pause, play and Mic so you can make and receive phone calls!

Info at a glance

  1. New Hibermate Headphones have remarkable sound for the price, Deep Bass, Mids and Trebles are crystal clear
  2. Super Slimline, wear while you're lying on your side no problem - block snoring and other noises while sleeping
  3. Kevlar Cables for maximum "Apple Quality" reliability. Includes a swivel clip for quick and easy fastening to your clothing, pillow case etc
  4. 3 sets of ear tips included, small, medium and large to fit any ear canal size!
  5. Super versatile - use for sleeping, running, working out, gym, relaxing anything, listen to music, podcasts, audiobooks, white noise and more
  6. 3.5mm gold plated headphone jack to fit most audio players.



Yes! The Hibermate Sleep Mask uses 4 layers of material to prevent light seepage. The first is the outer satin cover, the second is a layer of firm inner material to help the mask maintain it's shape, and the side which rests against your skin is a wonderfully soft cotton jersey.

Sandwiched between is a layer of wadding (or batting), which is used as padding, but it too helps prevent light getting through to your eyes. The way the mask has been designed, prevents any light getting in from the sides.

If you experience any light seepage from under the bridge of your nose, simply put your finger on the bridge of your nose and move it upwards - this pushes that part of the mask into a snugger position and helps it fit better on your face.

The simple answer of course is 'yes!'

The ear muffs on our Sleep Mask are manufactured from medical grade silicone with thick but soft silicone cups. Inside the ear muffs are custom ear cushions which are exactly like the ones used on high-end headphones, like Beats, Sennheiser, Bose etc.

They also create a lovely seal, are moisture resistant and are amazingly snug and comfortable.

They help create an awesome seal which helps reduce noise beautifully!

If you want even more noise-blocking quiet while you sleep, wearing the Hibermate Sleep Earbuds underneath your Hibermate Sleep Mask will make sure you sleep soundly no matter what's happening around you. 

You can purchase without worry because all Hibermate orders are backed by a 60 day money-back guarantee. If you don't love your Hibermate for any reason contact us at 

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Waste of money

Product should come with adaptors .
I can’t even use them as they do not work with my Apple phone . Yes you can order adaptors and spend more money on them . Waste of money!