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Feedback - Hibermate Sleep Mask Reviews

We've added this page because we just can't fit any more of our sleep mask reviews on the front page! Seriously though, thanks to all of you who've contributed, in every single case you've sat down and taken the time to write to me personally and for that I'm very grateful... 

Honestly, these email messages are all real. You just can't make this many up! (as some rather strange people seem to think I have!). We've been featured in Qantas Magazine, various online newspapers, Sade and Katie Noonan use a Hibermate when on tour etc. 

Now remember, we offer a 60 Day refund policy (give or take a few months - we're pretty flexible - really) - so if the Hibermate isn't for you, no hard feelings, let me know and I'll organise a refund.

The other thing I'd like to mention is that the usual reason for people sending back the mask or asking for a return is due to the sound blocking capabilities of the Hibermate. They do block a lot of sound, but not as much as some people would like. I published a recent blog post about how we're working (and will always continue to work) on this aspect of the Hibermate.

There are more to come, I tend to do them in batches so this page may be slightly out of date.
Lovely and kind review here from Heather at www.MomMomOnTheGo.com 
This is a recent video from http://www.sleepsherpa.com/sleep-masks/hibermate-review/ 


Darren Hayday <d_hayday@hotmail.com>
Fri 22/02/2019 8:48 PM

Hi Chris,

I've now had a pair of your new product for nearly a week and after getting used to them, adding in a pair of foam plugs and adjusting the strap in so that they are not so tight - last night I finally had a good nights sleep in my own bed and not the spare one!

I hope that I have more good nights sleep!



Austin Liles <a_liles1@xxxxxx>
Fri 22/02/2019 2:15 PM
Hello Chris,
I received the shipment today and although I have not had a chance to try them for more than a few minutes yet I wanted to give you some initial feedback.  I found your emails about order updates very friendly and not intrusive.  The package’s design is attractive and I feel would stand out well if it were on a retail store shelf.  The product it’s self seems very well made and comfortable to wear.  I actually got them to help with studying because slight noises break my concentration.  I do not remember if this purpose was a suggested use on your site or not.  I will not hesitate to contact you with any additional questions or concerns

From: David Hadenham [mailto:xxxx]
Sent:13 November 2018 11:17 PM
To: Chris Thomas <chris @ hibermate . com>
Subject: Re: A shipment from order #12548 is on the way

Hi Paula, 

The Hibermate is awesome! It blocks out light 100% and the noise reduction is not too much so that I can still hear my kids should they cry in the night, but muffled enough to drown out all the traffic and general city noises. 

Your service has also been fantastic :)

Love it! 


Subject: Thanks for contacting Hibermate!
Date: 02/07/2018 at 06:47 PM (GMT 10) from

Your Name: Derrick
Message: Thanks for the hibermate got it a few months back. My bedroom wall shares a wall with the kitchen cabinets. My brother wakes up earlier than me and all the noise he makes would wake me up. Since I've got this my sleep has improved greatly. Won't even wake up. I used earplugs as well which the hibermate does a great job making sure they don't fall out. Keep all the light out so if I work a overnight I can sleep as late as I need to. Sleep is one of the keys to happiness and the hibermate improved my quality of life greatly. :)

Michelle Flotard left the following 5 star review for the product The all-new Generation 4 2016 Hibermate Sleep Mask with Ear Muffs - Hot Pink - Free Shipping:

Love this

This version of the product is the best. I love the interchangeable ear pieces and i love how there is one band that i can easy detach and wash. I also love the satin finish on the mask and my favorite ear piece is the one that goes on top of the ear...this is a change from the previous models and a great change because the ones that used to cup my ear always hurt them. Overall very happy with this model of the hibermate. Also, my last version was not as good but the company gave me a coupon to help me a buy a new one and i really liked that they did that. Happy to buy from a company that stands by their product.

31st December 2017
Subject: Thanks for contacting Hibermate!
Date: 31/10/2015 at 12:53 PM (GMT 10) from

Your Name: Dave perri
Message: I just wanted to say THANK YOU!

Hibermate has given me the gift of sleep.

While they don't block out all the noise from my trashy, horrible, inconsiderate stomping neighbors, they cancel out enough noise where on most nights I am able to fall and stay asleep. Seriously thank you guys so much.

08th November 2017


OMG This is amazing! Total blackout on vision and a real cut in noise.

Edward USA

13th October 2017

Review of the new hybermate vs the old. 

The new hybermate is simply fantastic! If you're looking for a sleeping mask that blocks out light, as well as sound, this is the best product on the market. Forget ear plugs or anything else.

I know how difficult it could be to fall asleep when you have noisy roommates or neighbors, it's terrible! The new hybermate feels completely different around the ears, compared to the first version, the second you put it on! You can literally feel the difference in seconds in regards to the amount of sound it blocks out compared to the first one

I highly highly recommend this product to all looking for a good nights rest! 


15th August 2017

Hi Chris,

That's no problems at all just wanted to make sure, glad I helped!

My wife is pregnant and having a lot of trouble sleeping as we are on the Burwood highway in Melbourne and right next to an intersection with rather crappie windows so the noise level is extreme and I'd say the hibermate cuts out at the very least 30% of noise and greatly reduces the brunt/harshness of trucks, cars, motorbikes, horns and sirens.

I have the previous model so might try adding in those foam inserts and see if they have any added advantage.

Thank for very much for your extremely  prompt and honest response and I look forward to a well slept wife!

Kind regards,


9th July 2017
So wait dude...what's the 2016 model going to have??? I love the ones I got from you. I traveled and bunked every night with my family of 5 for three weeks....and they all snore. Your hibermates ROCK, and you can quote me....some nights I put in plugs in addition to the hibermates and one night I was caught by my brother in law hovering over my sisters face with a pillow! I am curious what you're going to change in the 2016 model...keep in touch...i am addicted to them.

Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Tab®4
20th June  2017

Hello, I hope this email is recieved. I do not know how to contact you about this sort of odd request.

My name is Morgan M. and I am from the United States.

Back in February I purchased a hibermate for my boyfriend, because he struggles severely with sleeplessness.

Your product was the solution he needed! Unfortunately, our dog chewed the eyemask portion of the mask and he is no longer able to use it. I was wondering if it was at all possible to replace just the mask portion without buying an entirely new unit? I could even ship you back the broken mask if that's what it takes.

Thank you for your time and i hope to hear from you. 


6th May 2017

Your Name: Shawna
Message: Hello, Friends!

I love your product, I both use it and promote it to anyone I know who needs some help sleeping for various reasons.

First off, I purchased a set of the sleep phones, the wireless bluetooth ones from your website recommendation. I bought them standalone, but did not realize until they arrived that there was the little bluetooth box to figure out what to do with. I was not really looking to wear a headband under my Hibermate, has anyone else experienced/solved this issue?

Also, not sure if you care for further cross-promotion, but for those people who are too nervous they will not hear their alarm using the Hibermate, I have been using another Kickstarter-based product, a smart watch called Pebble that wakes you up with vibration on your wrist. I was pretty paranoid at first that it would not be enough, but it works great! There are, of course, many other products that can do the same thing, such as FitBit, I think, but I can only speak for the Pebble.

Thanks for a great product and for any advice you can offer me on the Bluetooth SleepPhones.




28th October 2017


As a Coal Miner shift worker, I have been using the “orginal”  hibermate for years until the dog decided to play with it.

I was sceptical of the new design at first, but after using it, I could not be happier. It's Fan-bloody-tastic



Mark Czempinski


25th October 2017


Your Name: Dr John Stanley
Message: I bought your Hibermate & am delighted with the great sleep I've been experiencing. Thank you for a GREAT PRODUCT! Here's some new findings on urban light pollution that you should mention, because Hibermate really does the job on this problem too -


1st October 2016


Hey Chris



Showed Hibermate to a girlfriend of mine tonight. She owns a medical spa in Bali, called Cocoon (Seminyak).



Anyway, it's exactly what she's been looking for. For example, her clients will lie down on a bed and undergo a treatment & she needs something for them that will block out light/noise, allowing them to relax. She thinks H/M will be perfect!



Apparently she looked at something similar and it wasn't good enough for her needs. Have directed her to your site, and told her she needs to order several!!



Such a brilliant product. Will tell everyone about it.




1st September 2016

Your Name: Andrew
Message: Hiya,

I was one the Kickstarter backers and used my bright green Hibermate all over the world this year (I spent 3 months on the road April ->)

Best travel mask I've used although I did have to pair it with earplugs for sleeping.

I look forward to hearing more about (and probably buying) the improved version I just read about.
Good luck!

31st August 2016

Your Name: David Uhlmeyer
Message: Look, I loved my hibermate. I live in an apartment with some noisy mates. I gave one to my father and he uses his with earplugs and nothing gets through. I would love to know when the new model comes out.

Thank you for a great and spectacular product.


28th June 2016

Thought I'd post some Instagram pics from people using their Hibermates all over the world...

9th June 2016
Hi there,

I a returning customer, I have one of the old style masks and love your product! I live near a noisy train line and am a light sleeper, but I sleep so much better since using the Hibermate. I am travelling overseas on 19 July, could you please get a new mask to me by then? Please let me know if this is a problem.
Many thanks!!!

2nd June 2016
Subject: Thanks for contacting Hibermate!
Date: 06/01/2014 at 07:18 AM (GMT -8) from

Your Name: Mary
Message: Hello Hibermate! I was one of your many Kickstarter backers who received pledged to receive a sleep mask (in my case, the Kickstarter green one)! I use it every single night, and I figure it's about time I express my appreciation.

Thank you guys so much for your wonderful, much-needed product. I've been a poor sleeper for many years, going through phases of better and worse. Even on my best nights I'll average no more than 3-4 hours of sleep at a time, and get up at least 2 or 3 times. I refused to resort to medication and had tried many things. Until Hibermate, my best bet was using a sound machine (prior to that, it was earplugs, but recurring ear infections made that impossible). My sleep patterns overall hasn't changed much but my quality of sleep is consistently much better.

I'd made a zine about my experiences with remedies for poor sleep (Can't Sleep? Try This! http://maiji.storenvy.com/products/2461701-cant-sleep-try-this), and after I received the Hibermate, I found myself telling everyone about it, so I made a sequel (Still Can't Sleep? http://maiji.storenvy.com/products/7165244-still-cant-sleep-try-this).

The biggest test of the Hibermate was this past weekend. I'm an artist exhibitor at Anime North, Canada's largest anime convention, and the hotel floor we were on was CRAZY NOISY with grown adults running through the hallways yelling things at 2 in the morning. I'd get back to my hotel after a busy day close to midnight, and have to work on art commissions for several hours before going to sleep to get up early again for setup the next day. With my Hibermate, the obnoxious next-door and across-the-hall loudness turned into muffled voices. I slept about as well as I usually would at home, and definitely better than I slept at the convention last year. Amazing!

Thank you again!
1st June 2016

Hi, I just wanted to congratulate you on a great product. Like many, I purchased this product hoping it would give me a restful night as I live in a poorly sound insulated flat and am surrounded by noisy neighbours. Whether it be barking dogs in the flat below me or the poor lady who lives in the flat next to me that has chronic bronchitis (and subsequently coughs ALL night). I have been wearing ear plugs but I find that my outer ear canals have become increasingly sore as I have to ram the ear plugs in to get a good seal.

Then I saw your product and decided to go for it. Your website did claim that the ear muffs do not give total sound exclusion but I was desperate to give the product a go. I’m an engineer by profession so I thought I could improve your design to gain the sound reduction I required, however, I have just tried your product and I’m very happy with the results! I didn’t have to wear my ear plugs, when the noise from my neighbours does get too much then with experiments I have conducted I can use the Hibermate with loosely fitted ear plugs to get the sound reducing qualities that I need therefore preventing the need to ram in ear plugs.

I tend to lay on my side and I was a little worried that the ear muffs would be uncomfortable especially as I have a firm memory foam pillow, I need not have worried, I slept perfectly on my side and felt no discomfort from the ear muffs. My only criticism is that I found my ears got a bit sweaty but I think this is a natural by product when dealing with sound reduction that covers the ears. I found the eye mask very comfortable, I’ve never felt the need to wear an eye mask but now I’m converted.

Great job guys!!! If you do improve the sound insulating properties of the product then I will be upgrading but I’m perfectly happy with the current product.



29th May 2016

Just wanted to follow up with this... got mine a while ago... absolutely LOVE it. It has made sleeping so much better, especially trying to get some badly needed extra winks hungover in the morning.
I have already lent out my extra pair to several friends to try, and show almost everyone that visits.
Great product guys. Way to deliver on promises. You have a fan in me

Dave Classick
16th May 2016


Hey Chris
Yes got them they are great
24th April 2016


Hey guys
Just wanted to say that I used your product for the first time on a long haul flight the other week and they were great! Thanks!
Colin Stark
23rd April 2016


Hey guys!


Thank you so much for my Hibermate, my wife Monica uses it at least once a week :)





26 Feb 2016



I wanted to let you know that we got the hibermate and are delighted with it! Thank you for your great accommodations!



Tiffany & Nate 
01 Feb 2016

Hi Chris!


I rarely get over-excited about products and give feedback, but...


The new Hibermate is just awesome. I bought one some years ago, and somehow I recently browsed into your site again and could tell from the pictures that the Hibermate had been improved. It looked more solid and more comfortable. I've been using my old one up until I received the new one. It's hands down the best sleep mask I've tried (I've tried many!!!), but what attracted me to it in the first place was the ear pads - unfortunately I had to remove mine as I sleep on the side and they were uncomfortable, but still the best mask without the ear pads.


The new model however is super comfortable when sleeping on the side and I think I've had the best sleep since a very, very long time. I slept 11 hours straight. I've had health issues the last years and sleeping issues. I am also very sensitive to sound and light when sleeping which I've always been, but it's much worse now as my sleep quality is horrible. Sleeping pills help sleep but ruins the next day, so I can't use them. Anyway, just wanted to say how happy I am about this mask. I'll probably buy one or so more to have in my travel bag, etc. Can't see how I can ever manage without one in the future.


Best regards,


23 Jan 2016

Hi Chris,

My husband and I love them so much I've just ordered one for his mum who will be visiting us on Friday. I've listed my work address this time, that way I should hope to receive it earlier.

Thank you so much again!

From a happy customer,

Phung Wright

Sent from my iPad

15 Jan 2016
Hi Chris,
Just to let you know I just received my sleep mask, super quick delivery, hoping it will be effective against some noisy neighbours who seem to watch tv at high volume throughout the night, plus it should come in very useful for my upcoming flight to Thailand!
Thanks a lot.
10th January 2016
Hi Chris, I received my Hibernate mask in only 5 days, all the way from Australia to the UK!
It has taken me a little while to get used to it, but I have to say that generally I am sleeping a lot better using this mask, combined with the earplugs. My husband is a confirmed snorer and I have used wax earplugs in the past, but have often tried folding my pillow across my ears to try and block out his loud snoring. The little pads are ideal as they do the same job as a pillow, but need no effort to keep them in place across each ear.
I'm so glad I took the chance to send for your eye mask, despite it having to come from so far round the other side of the world.
Kate Vause
4th January 2016
All I can say is thank you and I will be writing a review on your website on how wonderful your company and customer service is. 
Thanks again
15th February 2015
Hi Chris,
I received notification today from PayPal of the refund for the mask. I wanted to thank you for your prompt and courteous service - outstanding. Generally I find it's easy for organisations when making a sale, but not so easy when organising a refund.  Not so in this case.  I really appreciate that you made this experience painless and proven your business is all about customer service.  I highly recommend anyone wanting to give your product a go.  They REALLY do not have anything to lose and may be exactly what they need.  Thanks again Chris.
Wishing you all the best
(PS happy for you to use this comment in your reviews)
Thanks Sylvia and I also found you kindly wrote this on productreview.com! - CT
22nd January 2015
Hey Chris,
I meant to reply days ago but forgot!
The mask ended up arriving on Monday and i've gotta say, the Mrs. loves it!
I'll be sure to let people know who are looking for an eye mask that the Hibermate ones are great!
Thanks again.
15th January 2015
Please don't apologize, she had every expectation that it would work.  And it does in fact work, however not with the way she sleeps.  You do have an amazing product though and I love the story behind it.  Personally I'm a huge fan of sensory deprivation, I do tank floats several times a month, so I tried it out and was impressed with it. I'm going to recommend it to a few friends that do deep meditation work.
We're taking off for a brief holiday but will be back mid next week.  I'll keep mine and send hers back then.
Thank you again for your understanding as well as your phenomenal customer service.
This is one of my favourites from 2012 - Paul S Denman, the bass player from Sade's band emailed me asking for 3 Hibermate in exchange for tickets to her Melbourne show...
This Is Paul S. Denman. I am Sade's Bass player We are coming to Melbourne and I will be there for a few days, I arrive Nov 28. We had hibermate masks but unfortunatly lost them at a Hotel in Europe whilst on tour. I was wondering if I could pik up 3 of the masks in Black from u instead of ordering over the internet?
Not sure yet which Hotel we are staying at, maybe when I find out you could meet me there and drop them off. If you need tkts for our show in Melbourne lemme know and I will comp you a couple. We are playin the Rod Laver Arena Dec 2
Hope to hear from u soon
11 March 2015
Hi Chris,
I've received a brand new sleep mask from you. There are no problems with the ribbons. Thanks for going to those lengths to resolve the matter for me.
Kind regards,
12 March 2012
Thx Chris it has turned up and is great.
Sent from my iPhone
02 March 2012
Hi Chris
Thank you for your great customer service. I will have a look at the new mask when it is released. Below is a copy/paste of my order number.
Thank you for honouring your returns policy and allowing me to retain the mask anyway.
27 Feb 2012
Wonderful way to do business.
Again, thank you for your kindness!
21 Feb 2012
Hi Chris
Received the Hibermate. Tried it last night. A great product.
12 Feb 2012
> Name: Patrick
> Comment: I bought the Dark Blue Mask two years ago in 2010 and it is incredible. A person I met brought up they bought a sleeping mask and I told them that they should check out this site and buy this one because its simply amazing compared to others. I decided to come and visit the site and just wanted to write my own testimonial because this site and product truely deserves it. Thanks!
09 Feb 2012
Hi received the item. Thanks for the timely delivery. Will put on it to have a good sleep tonight.
08 Feb 2012
Hi Chris,
It has arrived...thanks!
06 Feb 2012
That is terrific! Thanks so much!
My son and I are looking forward to our new sleep aids!
05 Feb 2012
Hi Chris, I'd thought I'd send you a short message and let you know how much I'm enjoying the Hibermate mask I purchased from you folks.  I've been having some pretty bad sleep issues and my doctor recommended a sleep mask.  After much procrastination and wondering about the best option for a sleepmask, I settled on your product after looking at a number of options online and have been wearing it for about a month now.  My sleep has improved ten-fold and I love this mask.  I'm going to order another black one, when you get more in stock.  Shipping to Canada was not an issue at all and the mask arrived within three weeks from the date of order.
One of the things I was concerned about was whether there was an eye-cavity, to prevent pressure on the eye.  You're doesn't have one, but my experience is that the material conforms to the eye and there is no pressure.  Although originally concerned, this became a non-issue.  Anyways, just thought I'd give you some feedback on your product and have no hesitation to recommending it to anyone.  Thanks again!  Feel free to use this review on your site if you'd like!
James Floyd
Calgary, Canada
01 Feb 2012
Hi Chris,
I got the package. :)
01 Feb 2012
Comment: Hi!
I got my hibermate few months ago and I am loving it so far.
I also noticed the earplugs coming with the mask are FANTASTICS!
Do you know where it could be possible to order exactly these ones?
Thanks a lot!
Montr?al, Canada
31 Jan 2012
Hi Chris
You've created a good product, it just needs some minor tweaks.
28 Jan 2012
Hi Chris. I'm traveling long haul on Saturday. Is there any chance that the mask will arrive before then?  I lost my last one and it's by far the best mask available in the market. Cheers. Al
Sent from my iPad
28 Jan 2012
Hi Chris !
The mask has arrived safely today. Thanks for the quick and pleasant transaction and have a nice day.
Falk Bierwagen / Germany
25 Jan 2012
Thank you for the wonderful customer service. I really appreciate it.
-Trevor Hart
16 Jan 2012
I bought a Hibermate mask last year and love it. We have windows with half round glass at the top, with no window covering over it. When we re-arranged our bedroom, the light from the moon shone into my face from the half-round. The mask did the trick. I just learned that my niece only sleeps well in total dark and has trouble sleeping when traveling. Just ordered one for her birthday and an extra for me to keep in my suitcase for travel. This is a great product. Thank you for making it.  (I am also a nurse and will have to tell my friends about this).  Teri Perry, Augusta, Georgia, USA=
16 Jan 2012
Hi Chris,
Just wanted to let you know that my husband rec'd his earmuffs in Afghanistan today:-)  Thanks again for your great customer service!!
29 Dec 2011
We are good it came yesterday. Thanks she loves it
28 Dec 2011
Hi Chris
I Just wanted to say thank you for the excellent service I received the Hibernate mask just before going overseas and it worked brilliantly in helping me get a good night’s sleep, the best sleeping mask I’ve ever used.
Thanks again.
Julia H
28 Dec 2011
I have received the item yesterday. It is in good condition, and everyone at home has liked it .
Sandhya A.
27 Dec 2011
Thanks so much for letting us know, Chris.
Thanks, too, for the outstanding service. Yes, the masks didn't suit us but, without hesitation, I would certainly recommend your product to others.  I work with many shift workers and will do so.
I sincerely hope you have a terrific New Year and that your business goes from strength to strength.
With thanks and kind regards
14 Dec 2011
I just wanted to thank you for all of you help,and cant wait to reccieve
the sleep mask
10 Dec 2011
The mask arrived yesterday, thanks so much for your prompt response.
07 Dec 2011
Hello Chris,
I was just about to answer your email and the doorbell rang, It was the postman with the parcel. Looks great and can’t wait to try it tonight.
Thanks again for the quick response.
07 Dec 2011
I received it yesterday! Thanks so much for following through! I am sure my boyfriend who is deploying overseas is going to love this! thanks again!
22 Nov 2011
Hi Chris,
It has arrived, and it is a good product.
Thank you,
Jim McMullin
18 Nov 2011
Sorry we just recieved the order today and my girlfriend loves it. Thanks very much
Sent from my iPhone=
18 Nov 2011
Thanks chris  wasn't aware of the exchange. Love the mask as do me wife and brother best mark
Sent from my iPod
15 Nov 2011
I rarely take the time to give feedback on a product I bought, especially at 1:21 in the morning when I have a thesis due in a couple days. But this product is too damn good not to give a shout out, I will be shouting out in the night that everyone needs to get one of these - Friends any family are all getting one of these for Christmas - the damn thing is so good I almost want to keep it a secret and not tell anyone.
May you get rich soon off this (if you haven't already)
     Shaun W
10 Nov 2011
Comment: Chris,
I have purchased many masks from you for myself, family & friends and think they are the best sleep masks available.
I have recently set up a business here in the UK, take a look at my website, www.refreshtowels.co.uk - they are 100% pre- moistened cotton towels.
Would it be possible to put a link to my site on your web pages and I do the same for you ?
09 Nov 2011
Hi Chris
Thanks for your prompt reply. There is no need to apologise your product is great as is your customer service, which i praise you on as it is not always the case.
The multiple sclorosis that she has does cause alot of problems and i think under normal curcumstances it would have been great and highly suitable.
It is not a fault with your product just with the workings of my friends body.
Thank you so much again for your help and patience, it was worth a try.
29 Oct 2011
Woops had trouble with  the order form…just wanted I [one] burgundy mask..Please delete one of the two orders thanks…great product my 3rd
26 Oct 2011
Hello Chris,
Just wanted to say thanks so much for sending me a replacement mask. As I said I love your masks and have recommended them to many people. It's arrival is very timely, as I am off overseas next week and will use it on the plane.
Thanking you,
Jo Stevens
21 Oct 2011
Comment: Chris,
I am a devoted fan of your sleep masks! And thank you for delivering the first parcel of three so speedily. I am now busy "selling" them to all my buddies. I have to go to Canberra on Friday of this coming week and have promised another insomniac of a pal a gift of one. Would it be possible to get this new order processed and delivered by Thursday?
Apologies for the rush,
04 Oct 2011
Hi Chris,
Please disregard the earlier email I sent. I've just received the mask. Excited to try it out tonight. Thanks!
02 Oct 2011
Hi Chris,
Wanted to pass on some feedback (sadly no action shots as yet)
Hibermate worked so well on my recent overnight flight from Singapore I missed the hot towel service and only realised it was day time when I could smell freshly brewed coffee, such an awesome product!
28 Sept 2011
Thx for the good customer service.
16 Sept 2011
Dear Chris:
You will be happy to know that I have ordered another Sleep Mask .... I am passing the word around here in Victoria to all my friends.
Thanks again for the quick service.
Delma H
31 Aug 2011
Thank you Chris,
We are very impressed by the product & your customer service. We intend to purchase more for our friends & family.
Mary :-)
24 Aug 2011
Hi Chris
It has, finally, arrived!  So now we know it take about twice the said time to get here, if not more, do your math please ?.
I liked it. It does stay put and it does block light, except for a minor piece above my nose, but quite minor, compared to the “holes” I used to have in the other masks.
As for the ear pillows when on my back they felt like no difference, but when on a side, at least the ear in contact with the pillow felt more ‘deaf’.
All in all, I’m content, of the products I’ve tried, this is the best so far.  Looking forwards to future updates too
Kind regards
09 Jul 2011
Hi Chris
Thank you I can see it is being processed in Paypal I think but I would like to leave you positive feedback as your customer service is amazing and I appreciate that working in an area where that is of great importance.  Everyday I look for great customer service and appreciate it and also go as far as I can to give it.  I am saddened the product didn't work out for me but glad i have come across an amazing person who I can truly admire.  My best wishes.
30 Jun 2011
I just wanted to say thanks for for our new hibermates!  It's my first one and my boyfriends second (the original one he ordered was black and kept getting lost in our black bedding).  Since we both work rotating shift work, the hibermates help us to sleep both during the day and at night.   However we did have a question that is not related to the hibermate product itself, and that is what animal serves as a logo for you product?
Thank you for your amazing sleep masks!
Sent from my iPad
5th February 2011
Your Name: Christine Jarczewski
Message: Dear Chris
Have just come back from overseas and really found the Hibermate I bought off you fantastic.
3rd February 2011
> Sent: Thursday, 3 February 2011 3:18 PM
> Subject: Re: Raymond, Hibermate parcel is on its way!
> Got it, use it! It's the best - lite, cool, 100% efficient. Thanks so much.
3rd February 2011
I would just like to pass on my thanks for such a great product. My wife is now sleeping through the night and getting up refreshed. Without her tossing and turning all night i am also getting a better night's sleep.
Once again thank you and i hope you sell many more.
3rd February 2011
I got the Hibermate - mate. Used on a ten hour flight to Santiago, Chile. Worked great. Thanks ..Bill
29th January 2011
Thank you, it arrived while I was out of town and was waiting for me when I returned!
I run a workshop that involves experiential sequences with guided imagery and was wondering if you folks might be able to make a version of your excellent eyeshade without the ear covering features, as folks need to listen to instructions and to hear music. So, can you make a version of your excellent product that I might promote for guided imagery and music sessions?
Richard Yensen, Ph.D.
Orenda Institute
4324 West 15th Avenue
Vancouver, British Columbia V6R 3A8
Voice & FAX: (604) 222-2235
Mobile (778) 938-7629
P.O. Box 4
Manson's Landing, British Columbia V0P 1K0
Voice & FAX (250) 935-6338
23rd January 2011
Sent: Sunday, 23 January 2011 8:31 PM
To: info@hibermate.com
Subject: SPAM-HIGH: Re: Your new Hibermate Sleep Mask
Just wanted to let you know my hibermate arrived quickly, and I quickly put it to use.  Although I purchased the hibermate for the sound dampening ear muffs to help me deal with some noisy neighbors, I was quickly spoiled by the eye cover and had one of my best slept nights ever, and each night that has passed the mask has become a bit more comfortable leading to an even more comfortable sleep each night.  I highly recommend and thank you for your product, it is exactly what I was searching for.
~ Bryan in New Mexico, USA~
12th January 2011
Dear Chris,
Thank you so much. Aussies are such nice people LOL!
Karen and Reggie Peralta
Real Immortality Devices & Co.
6th January 2011 (this was a late delivery issue, they happen on rare occasions!)
Chris...IT ARRVIVED TODAY!!  I'm going to pretend Santa forgot it and sent it from Australia on his way back to the North Pole...he asked Santa for earmuffs to wear at night so he wouldn't hear his twin brother snoring, your product was the only one I could find, so better late than never!   
Thanks for the great service we will blame customs for the delay.   Marion Haddad
5th January 2011
Hi Chris
Just to let you know that after sending the e-mail to you yesterday I arrived home and the parcel was waiting for me so panic over!
Kind Regards
5th January 2011
Subject: Thanks for contacting Hibermate!
Sent: 01/04/2011 at 06:17 PM from
Message: HI
5th January 2011
Hi Chris,
Just wanted to let you know that I received the Hibermate.   My husband is enjoying it very much.
21st December 2010
Hi Chris, I received my sleep mask. Thanks!  I cannit wait to try it.
Merry Xmas!
19th December 2010
Hey chris! I just recieved it. Thank you for your support and concern. I really enjoy the mask, its very comfortable, cant wait to use it! All the best!
18th December 2010
Thanks for you prompt and honest answer, and if you need any "guinea pigs" for testing
the new ear muffs, then i'm your man (only, i'm a woman).  And if they block out my
husbands snoring, then, by jolly, you've got an amazing product.
Thanks for making a note of my email address to let me know when they are released,
and I will be looking forward to it.
Have a good christmas.
Teresa Burgess
25th August 2010
Dear Chris,
I wanted to thank you all for creating the Hibermate eye mask. I suffer from severe migraines as well as chronic daily headaches so light sensitivity is a huge problem for me. I've tried other masks but they either don't fit properly or they are too uncomfortable on my hyper-sensitive skin. When I saw the Hibermate online, I knew right away that it would work. I am able to wear it while I'm having a migraine and it blocks every trace of light as well as being soft and soothing. I have recommended this to every migraine sufferer I know. 
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Sandy L.=
20th August 2010
Sometimes you get a question or enquiry that's really hard to answer, if anyone can help, please email me at chris@hibermate.com and I'll forward your suggestion to Zylla...
Your Name: Zylla Newnham-Cross
Message: Hello
I have one of your hibermate mask and I am very happy, but I have developed another problem i HAVE ANIOTHER ISSUE i HAVE A BAD HABIT OF SEEPING ON BACK AND OF COURSE i SUFFER FOR IT. cAN YOU HELP ME PLEASE
15th August 2010
Hi Chris,
Yesterday it arrived.  Of course I used my Hibermate last night. It was really comfortable and I could sleep without beeing disturbed.
Many thanks! I will recommend your product to all of my friends.
Kind regards 
11th August 2010
Hi Chris and Family,
I have a suggestion for you which you may have already thought of. If you look at the website www.Landsend.com, a clothing merchandiser, they have a feature on some of their lady's bathing wear tops that allows the purchaser to rotate the garment 360-degrees and enlarge it as well. This might be a good feature for your Hibermate sleep mask, allowing the potential buyer to see the back and front of the mask? 
Anyway, it might be an expensive change but it occurred to me that might help sell the mask even more. And, my advice is free, mate!!
Take care and thank you so much for sharing Steve McCormick's story story as well. I will always be indebted to the Australian people for their courage and bravery, not to mention Nicole Kidman!! 
Cheers to all, Steve Weiss in The California Desert.
8th August 2010
Hi Chris!
I just thought I'd say a quick thank you for all your help... and I wanted to let you know that my husband ABSOLUTELY LOVES his Hibermate mask!! Although he does not use the ear muffs, he has worn his mask every time he goes to sleep, whether he has to work or not (he works nights, so I got this for him for during the daylight hours)... He says it is VERY comfortable, completely blocks the light, is breathable, very well made, and does EXACTLY what was promised on your website!! I have yet to wash it, but I'm sure it will be just fine!
A million thanks being sent your way!!! 
Kerri Gaglioti
(a very happy wife because her husband gets a good "night's" sleep and isn't cranky when he gets up anymore!)
If you've made it this far, well you deserve to see some bloopers! I'll case these by saying that we're human, we make the rare mistake from time to time and are more than happy to admit, own up to and rectify with the very minimum of fuss when ever possible!
Here goes...(we've taken some of the names off to protect the innocent)
I received the two masks yesterday.  Unfortunately, the green one is
defective.  It lacks the sewn in velcro (it has the stretchable nylon strap
with the velcro square, but not the long, sewn velcro strip to fasten the
mask).  It was never sewn into the mask when it was manufactured.
Please advise how to go about exchanging/returning this mask for another.
Please note that any color mask is acceptable if  a properly made green mask
is not available.  In addition, I would like to purchase two more black
Happily, the mask that was properly made is the best sleep mask I
have ever used.  I would like to give them to my best friends!
Please bill the same credit card for $39.90 US (approximate), and ship to
the same address.  Thanks again,
Dear Chris
Please credit my visa card number XXXX in the name of XXXXXXX with an expiration date of XX/XX. I am returning the item as it was a Christmas present for my wife who gave it back to me un-opened on Christmas day and announced she was leaving.
Many thanks
Subject: Thanks for contacting Hibermate! 
Sent: 09/27/2010 at 02:19 PM from
Your Name: Andrew
Message: I just got the mask today and tried it on. It does not block out light as promised. I am extremely disappointed in your product. I could tie an old sock around my head and achieve same results. I would like to return the product but as I live in Canada it will cost me nearly as much to return it as I would receive in a refund. I don't expect you to publish this review on your website. I should have known that with no negative reviews at all that you were being less than honest regarding the feedback about your product. Hope you enjoy my money you thief.
Please note, I have fully refunded Andrew without him having to return the mask. May I also re-emphasize that if you're not happy with the Hibermate, please get in touch with me with constructive feedback; we're real people here who genuinely care about providing a great service and our own reputation as well! They kinda work hand in hand, and helps us to continually improve the Hibermate to make it even better.
By the way, Andrew followed up shortly with a reply to me which I thought was really ace (thanks Andrew - and apology well and truly accepted):
I want to apologize for my false accusation about you being dishonest. I am grateful to you for the full refund.
I was so looking forward to receiving the mask and had high hopes that it would completely block out light from below the eyes along the nose.
I am disappointed to find your Hibermate mask does not deliver the results I was hoping for.
The search for a sleep mask that can do this continues…
Again I apologize for my unfounded comments Chris.
Humbled in Canada
Please note, The following enquiry isn't a blooper, it's simply a lovely, genuine question. When I invented the Hibermate, I had no idea how many noisy situations people could find themselves in whilst trying to sleep. This is one that I hadn't considered, but could make a new marketing angle perhaps?
From: XXXXX 
Subject: Thanks for contacting Hibermate! 
Sent: 11/15/2010 at 06:01 PM from
Your Name: XXXX
Message: Hello Chris
My wife is having terrible trouble sleeping due to our neighbours frogs. (whilst the neighbour is sympathetic, I need something while he frog hunts). Do you recommend the mask or the sleep phones? How much noise do the phones stop if you don't listen to music? I note the noise reduction on the mask is 50%. I like the idea of the phones. I know you are not a frog expert but all advice gratefully accepted. I'd like to order ASAP. Great to find your site.