Introducing the world's first sound-reducing sleep mask.

We're living in uncertain and hugely stressful times.

Sleep is one of the best ways to stay on top of your anxiety and stay focused.

While other sleep masks only block light, the Hibermate helps reduce unwanted noise with integrated ear muffs to help you get to sleep faster & stay asleep longer.

  • The Hibermate sleep mask totally blocks out light; there is no light seepage from under the nose or from the sides.

  • The Hibermate sleep mask significantly blocks out noise; the ear cups are very good at blocking unwanted noise (about 30% - 40% - NRR at approximately 15-18dB), and they're much more comfortable than ear plugs. 

Above: the all-new sound reducing ear cups with high-end leatherette ear cushions.

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  • The Hibermate has recessed areas for the eyes so you can open them if you need to, but it also means there’s no pressure when you’re sleeping. This really helps when you enter your REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage of your sleep cycle so you sleep uninterrupted, resulting in a more refreshing, deep and natural sleep. You’ll wake up feeling fantastic.

  • The silky outer satin cover slips easily against the pillow so the Hibermate sleep mask will always stay in place.

  • The innovative dual 12mm adjustable straps let you adjust the tightness of your new Hibermate sleep mask to your exact preference and help you adjust the sleeping mask perfectly to your head shape so it’ll keep in perfect position while you're asleep. These new straps will never, ever, ever, lose their "stretchiness". Ever.

  • The high quality, breathable inner is comfortable against the skin, warm & cozy in winter, cool and breathable in summer.

  • The Hibermate sleep mask is slim, compact, lightweight and fully machine washable - wash, dry and wear; again and again and again.

Packaging for the new 2016 Gen4 Hibermate Sleep Mask



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We sent a Hibermate to the folks at and they kindly shot this "Vine" video: 

From: Subject: Thanks for contacting Hibermate! 11/21/2016 at 07:36 PM (GMT -8) from

Your Name: Morgan M


My name is Morgan from Rochester, NY.

Back in February, I saw your Hibermate product and decided to purchase it for my boyfriend who had tried every sleeping mask on the market. He is a very light sleeper and struggles with insomnia as well. 

After purchasing the Hibermate, he has slept through EVERY SINGLE night. I love it! He brings it on planes, camping trips, and car rides.

The mask is incredibly comfortable and the ear muffs are soft and easy to sleep on when on your side. 5 stars for this product and can't wait for the new model to come out early next year to try!

On a further note, Hibermate has been one of the best companies I have ever had business with. Last week, our dog somehow chewed into his mask and destroyed the elastic.

I emailed Chris and his team, and they promptly responded and sent me a new replacement mask all the way to New York! I am incredibly happy with every aspect of this product, and love giving good companies run by good people my business.

If you were on the fence about purchasing, I promise you that your buying experience will be nothing but pleasant and the Hibermate is a quality product that has helped ease a troubled sleeper more than anything ever has. More reviews here

Q. What about side sleeping?

One perceived objection is, ‘Hey…those ear cups don’t look comfortable to sleep on if you’re a side sleeper’. 

Luckily, we thought about this from the very beginning.

First of all, we have made the ear cushions really soft and squishy so they gently mould to your body. 

Then we designed the ear cups with rails, to slide along the straps, so if you’re a side sleeper and you experience any discomfort at all, you can move the cup you’re sleeping on out of the way (to the back) and let the pillow take care of reducing noise on that side. Slide it back into place if you roll back over… Simple. 

Q. How does the Hibermate compare with ear plugs? 

The Hibermate does not block as much noise as a good set of ear plugs. No bones about it, ear plugs are awesome for blocking sound. They’re probably the single most effective sound blocking device ever invented for the human ear.

The Hibermate does take the 'edge' of incoming noise very well and creates a feeling of serenity. They also allow you to hear your regular alarm and smoke alarms, which is great for safety.

The biggest problem with ear plugs is prolonged use, and hygiene. People who use ear plugs for extended periods of time often experience soreness or worse, inner ear infections. 

The reason for this is due to the fact you often need to use your fingers to squeeze and roll ear plugs down to a size where they insert easily before they expand and create the all-important sound-blocking seal. 

It’s the process of squeezing and rolling the plugs, when germs and bacteria can be introduced onto the ear plugs prior to insertion that typically causes quite painful infections for many ear plug wearers.

Ear Plugs can also cause the build-up of ear wax which can plug the ear canal as they tend to prevent the natural flow of wax outwards.

Q. How does the Hibermate compare to white noise machines?

White noise machines are great for masking noise, and we would recommend using the hibermate in combination with one. 

Q. What about noise cancelling headphones?

We're looking into noise cancelling technology with an eye to potentially introducing it into our cups at some point in the future. Watch this space.

 Q. What’s the sound blocking ability, the NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) of the cups?

We sent the new cups to the National Acoustic Laboratory – an Australian semi-Government Authority - for a preliminary sound reduction test. NAL work right next door to Cochlear Limited (the original inventors and manufacturers of Cochlear Implants).

NAL’s test takes a high sensitivity microphone and places it at one end of a tube. Just outside the other end of the tube, they place a speaker.

They play and record sound to take a ‘normal’ reading.

For our test, they placed the Hibermate sleep mask ear muff over the end of the tube and played the exact same sounds again through the speaker.

The NAL’s Hibermate’s sound reduction test has rated it an Australian SLC Class 1 Sound Reduction Device which means it's safe to use in environments up to 90dB. Please note, it does not block 90dB, it's officially safe to use in noisy situations up to 90dB.

Ultimately we will have the Hibermate NRR rated for the US market, but at this stage, we estimate the Hibermate has a NRR of somewhere between 15 & 18dB.

You can learn more about the SLC Rating here: 

More Frequently Answered Questions here...

Christian: 2 days ago: "Just got mine, looks awesome ;)"

Just Dave: "Just got mine in Michigan, I adjusted it and it felt great. I work a lot of overtime in the next few weeks and I will be testing it severely. Thanks. While I never expected the noise reduction to huge, it is enough for me with white noise it seems it will help."

Llama: 3 days ago: "Just got my Hibermate! It's amazing, better than any other sleeping mask I've ever seen! Very comfortable and quite soundproof, excellent job guys!"

Pen: 4 days ago: "Hibermates arrived in last night's mail - Yay! They look wonderful, fitted straight out of the box. Mask totally engulfs in blackness, ear muffs fit snugly over ear and deaden outside noise considerably. And the KS (special edition Kickstarter) green mask is just beautiful - it shimmers & glows like a jewel!"

Simon: 5 days ago: "Just got mine today, and it is plush as f___. Thank you Hibermate. I'll sleep well tonight."

Ben David: 5 days ago, "Woohoo!! Mine arrived today! Great packaging, well made and super comfy! No more battling with silicone earplugs for me...can't wait to try them out between my night shifts this weekend!! Great work guys and well worth the wait! 

By the way, each new Hibermate comes with a 60 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee...

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