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Hibermate Ear Pillow

Hibermate Ear Pillow

$59.90 $79.90

Hibermate Ear Pillow with Hole for CNH and Ear Pain - Side Sleeping Pillow with Hole for Ear Piercings, Earbuds, or Earmuffs - Relieve Pressure on Your Head and Neck with Targeted Comfort 

Upgrade Your Sleep

These ear pillows have changed the lives of thousands of people, and we know you'll love it too. If you don't, just pop in the included pillow hole insert and you can use this pillow just like any other. So give it a shot, and make your bed better than ever!

  • Relief at Last: If you have ear pain, you know how crucial a good pillow can be. Whether you have CNH, TMJ,cauliflower ear or a fresh piercing pillow comfort relies on making room for your ear. This pillow helps even if you're just using a sleep mask and ear muffs.
  • Converts Back in a Flash: If you ever need a traditional pillow in a pinch, this sleep pillow has you covered with an easy conversion. Just pop in the included hole insert, and your ear piercing pillow has seamless, even padding across the whole face.
  • Adjustable Comfort: We provide extra filling in this pillow with ear hole so you can get the level of support you need for deep, restful sleep. Just remove some stuffing from your ear pillow to provide the perfect firmness for your head and neck.
  • Custom Pillow Case: The included pillow case covers your ear hole pillow perfectly by wrapping the pillow and the holein a layer of protection. With this custom case, cleaning your ear pillow is a cinch; just remove the cover and machine wash it!
  • Made to the Highest Standards: With its Oeko-Tex certification backing it up, you can rest assured that this pillow will be the best thing that ever happened to your bed. Best of all, it's completely machine washable for an easy, clean night's sleep!

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