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The Original Hibermate - Free Shipping


You spoke, I listened.

(Actually, I think you might have yelled).

You were upset, and I am sorry. :(

I felt I had to redesign the Hibermate as some of the more 'unkind' reviews were really starting to impact the business. Luckily, we survived!

If you choose to forgive me, you can now order the original First Generation Hibermate - (in production from September 2001 - December 2013).

I'm doing a limited production run of about 2,000 Pitch Black only. Does not come with ear cushions. 

From the amount of emails I've received in the last 3 years asking for it to be brought back - they probably won't last long.

Demand will decide whether there's another production run in the future and whether more colors will be added.

This next bit is important. They will not come with ear cushions, this is just the mask only.

However, I will organise to send you a packet of 10 sets of ear plugs FREE (sent separately) with each mask you order!

I will be offering a new ear muff solution for the original Hibermate which can be purchased separately later in 2016.

Order yours now to save $10. Order today and pay just $29.95 WITH FREE 5 - 8 day tracked shipping + 10 sets (20) FREE ear plugs to most countries in the world.

$29.95 $49.95