Take control of your sleep with fewer interruptions.

The Original Hibermate sleep mask


You spoke, I listened.

(Actually, I think you might have yelled).

You were upset, and I am sorry. :(

I felt I had to redesign the Hibermate as some of the more 'unkind' reviews were really starting to impact the business. Luckily, we survived!

If you choose to forgive me, you can now order the original First Generation Hibermate - (in production from September 2001 - December 2013).

I'm doing a limited production run of about 2,000 Pitch Black only. Does not come with ear cushions. 

From the amount of emails I've received in the last 3 years asking for it to be brought back - they probably won't last long.

Demand will decide whether there's another production run in the future and whether more colors will be added.

This next bit is important. They will not come with ear cushions, this is just the mask only.

Shipping is a flat Rate of $9.95.

Usual delivery time ranges from 7-10 WORKING days... No matter how many you order or where you live in the world. 100% secure check-out... Braintree - backed by PayPal.

Tracked shipping to most countries in the world (US, CA, UK, EU, HK, CN, AU, NZ & More!)

More images to come!


$19.95 $49.95

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Not the same

Unfortunately the new "original" is lacking the fleece inside, so it slips off before morning. Useless.


very satisfied with quality and service

Original mask is great.

I bought the original sleep mask for my kids and myself many years ago. They never wore out, but they did eventually get lost. Lucky for us, Chris had done another production run. I ordered three more. Shipping was fast and the sleep masks are the best on the market.

The Original and the Best!

I was so glad to see that you still sold the Original Hibermate sleep mask.
I prefer the Original to the latest designs.
Please don't stop suppling them.

The best sleep mask on the market.

I'm a registered nurse and have worked night-duty for past 15+ years. This is my third Hibermate (original) and I wouldn't use anything else. Tried lots over the years but this is the best. Soft, comfortable and very wearable...oh yes,
it also keeps the daylight out! Only downside, it is hot in humid weather but I can work around this. V A