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The Generation 4 2016 Hibermate Sleep Mask with Ear Muffs - Pitch Black


An old favourite, get in quick, we literally have only 10 left in stock.

The new sleep mask features a wide, single band which helps maintain a perfect position of your mask, creates excellent 'side-pressure' to maintain comfortable ear muff position and is super-easy to adjust (a common customer complaint for the current 2015 Gen 3. model).

It is also fantastic to wear all by itself without the cups! 

It's also 'narrower' which means it now fits 99% of head shapes and sizes. The mask features a beautiful satin outer and a luxurious breathable inner for cool comfort. Velcro tabs are used for adjustment and the mask is suitable for most school-age kids and grown-ups.

The cups have been completely re-developed too...

You'll love that we've replaced the heavy, 'sticky' silicone ear muffs with recyclable EVA foam, which is lighter, smoother and doesn't attract dust and lint. They also reduce more sound. 

Of course, the cups now have a single slot to accommodate the single band mask, making them easier to remove and put back on again!

Another great thing about the cups is they can now be worn with almost all other single-band sleep masks on the market. If you have a favorite sleep mask, you'll be able to turn it into a 'Hibermate'.

Next, you're gonna love what we've done with the ear cushions!

There are 2 sets of expensive, 'high-end' ear cushions with each Hibermate. The first set is the soft Protein leather 'doughnut' shaped ear cushions we currently use. They're perfect for travelling and sitting upright use.

The second set (included free) is a custom designed ear 'pad' which can be swapped with the doughnut cushions.

They are excellent for side sleepers as they cushion your whole ear. They're also great if you have slightly large ears that might not fit in the doughnut cushions.

Finally, they help block even more sound as they create an amazing, soft seal.

Of course, each Hibermate comes in a beautiful, retail ready gift box.

Tracked shipping to most countries in the world (US, CA, UK, EU, HK, CN, AU) + Free Travel Pouch also included.

More product photo's to come... More info and a video is here.

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