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Replacement Ear Cushion Donuts For 2013 - 2018 Hibermates


After a year or two of heavy use, all ear cushions start to show signs of wear!

We've sourced the best ear cushion donuts we can find, but they can and do wear out after a while.

As a result, we've started offering replacement donuts sets for sale - we offer shipping, but we do ship these from Australia - via regular post inside Australia, and non-tracked airmail shipping to most other countries globally.

Perfect replacements for your all your hibermate ear muffs!

2 x Donut Ear Cushions will be shipped to you... Does not include the outer shells - this is just for the ear cushion inserts.

Shipping is a flat Rate of $9.95.

Usual delivery time ranges from 7-10 WORKING days... No matter how many you order or where you live in the world. 100% secure check-out... Braintree - backed by PayPal.

$19.95 $24.95