Take control of your sleep with fewer interruptions.

All-New Hibermate Headband with Ear Muffs for bed, meditiation, airplanes, autism & more


You can now order my soft and flexible ear muffs all by themselves

Introducing the all-new (and long awaited) Hibermate Headband with ear muffs!

They're back!

Suits both kids & adults and can be helpful for SPD and autism.

It's so new, we haven't had time to even take proper pictures of it!

Each gift box comes with:

  • 1 x set of all new EVA foam ear muffs - upgraded late 2019 - they're softer and lighter than all previous models whilst maintaining same or better levels of sound reduction
  • 1 x set of luxury donut ear cushions
  • 1 x set of luxury flat ear pad cushions
  • 1 x branded Headband.

It's fully adjustable using velcro and fits all head sizes.

If you have a favourite headband or a bandanna you can attach my ear muffs to it.


"Hi Chris, 

Thanks so much for sending along the ear muffs! I cannot speak for the entire autism community, but I can speak for my five year-old son who really likes the product and has used them to fall asleep a few nights as of late.

I think your product would work well for many of our kiddos and adults on the spectrum."

Sarah (USA)"


You can also turn your existing favorite single band sleep mask or bandanna into a "Hibermate"!

How cool is that!

It's also fantastic as an aid for concentration, helping reduce distractions while you work or study; for musicians, those with Autism, on an airplane, meditation and countless other situations!  

You'll still be able to hear your alarm - they're not designed to replace industrial ear muffs!

Shipping is a flat Rate of $9.95.

Usual delivery time ranges from 7-10 WORKING days... No matter how many you order or where you live in the world. 100% secure check-out... Braintree - backed by PayPal.

Tracked shipping to most countries in the world (US, CA, UK, EU, HK, CN, AU, NZ & More!)

$39.95 $59.95

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Needs improvement

** It does a fairly good job of blocking out noise but I can't sleep with it, which is why I bought it. (1) It is impossible to lie on your side and sleep because the plastic covering the ear pieces is too hard; (2) the velcro is causing an allergic reaction. Can you please fix these issues and replace my Hibermate with something that works? I would be happy to beta test for you.


We found the hibernate headband was delivered fairly quickly. However I was expecting more instruction on how to use/change the ear muffs from the flat ones to donut shaped ones that were provided, there were no further instructions included in the packaging. The product itself is pretty good quality but unfortunately the headband is too big for my 5 year old son (another review had said it worked for their 5 year old) who has ASD and could do with a pair of ear defenders without a bulky headband. Overall I'd say a product with a great idea but not quite what we were after.

Uncomfortable for side sleeping.

As a side sleeper I find these to be uncomfortable to wear for the whole night. I think they would be better if there wasn't such a hard plastic piece that the softer piece attached to.

good idea, needs modification

works well, but band wants to go over your eyes. The band needs to be bent so it is higher at the eyes


All-New Hibermate Headband with Ear Muffs for bed, meditiation, airplanes, autism & more