The All-New Gen 6 Hibermate Sleep Mask with Sleeping Ear Muffs - Pitch Black

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I'm absolutely thrilled to announce that after almost 6 months of development, I'm now taking orders for the all-new Hibermate (Generation 6) Pitch Black.

Please note, you cannot wear the earmuffs without the mask with this model.

In response to adjustability issues, the new sleep mask features 2 high quality, soft elastic straps which helps maintain a perfect position of your mask and is super-easy to adjust. The straps are MUCH longer and now will fit any head - including kids!

We have totally re-engineered the clips to dramatically improve reliability.

The mask is also slightly narrower to ensure the ear cups can fit over everyone's ears. 

It is also fantastic to wear all by itself without the cups! 

The mask features a beautiful satin outer and a luxurious breathable inner poly-cotton for cool comfort.

The cups have been completely re-developed too...

You'll love that we've replaced the 'sticky' silicone ear muffs with a smooth silicone finish which is lighter, smoother and doesn't attract dust and lint. They also reduce more sound. 

Next, you're going to love what we've done with the ear cushions!

There are 2 sets of (really) expensive, 'high-end' ear cushions with each Hibermate. The first set is the soft Protein leather 'doughnut' shaped ear cushions we currently use. They're perfect for travelling and sitting upright use.

The second set (included free) is a custom designed ear 'pad' which can be swapped with the doughnut cushions.

They are excellent for side sleepers as they cushion your whole ear. They're also great if you have slightly large ears that might not fit in the doughnut cushions.

Finally, they help block even more sound as they create an amazing, soft seal.

Each cup has a new sound reducing foam insert to help dampen noise and improve comfort.

Of course, each Hibermate comes in a beautiful, retail-ready gift box.

Shipping is a flat Rate of $9.95.

Our customers in the United States shall receive their goods within 2-7 days as we use amazon fulfillment.

For all other destinations the delivery time ranges from 7-21 WORKING days (Some Parcels are being delayed due to Covid)... No matter how many you order or where you live in the world. 100% secure check-out backed by Stripe and PayPal.

Tracked shipping to most countries in the world (US, CA, UK, EU, HK, CN, AU, NZ & More!) + Free Travel Pouch also included.

Below is a video from our successful kickstarter campaign - the mask has been updated and improved quite a bit since we filmed this!


Yes! The Hibermate Sleep Mask uses 4 layers of material to prevent light seepage. The first is the outer satin cover, the second is a layer of firm inner material to help the mask maintain it's shape, and the side which rests against your skin is a wonderfully soft cotton jersey.

Sandwiched between is a layer of wadding (or batting), which is used as padding, but it too helps prevent light getting through to your eyes. The way the mask has been designed, prevents any light getting in from the sides.

If you experience any light seepage from under the bridge of your nose, simply put your finger on the bridge of your nose and move it upwards - this pushes that part of the mask into a snugger position and helps it fit better on your face.

The simple answer of course is 'yes!'

The ear muffs on our Sleep Mask are manufactured from medical grade silicone with thick but soft silicone cups. Inside the ear muffs are custom ear cushions which are exactly like the ones used on high-end headphones, like Beats, Sennheiser, Bose etc.

They also create a lovely seal, are moisture resistant and are amazingly snug and comfortable.

They help create an awesome seal which helps reduce noise beautifully!

If you want even more noise-blocking quiet while you sleep, wearing the Hibermate Sleep Earbuds underneath your Hibermate Sleep Mask will make sure you sleep soundly no matter what's happening around you. 

You can purchase without worry because all Hibermate orders are backed by a 60 day money-back guarantee. If you don't love your Hibermate for any reason contact us at 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Hasn´t arrived yet

My order is at the Amsterdam airport since 15. February.
That is not far. MY shipping adress is Prague, i.e. Central Europe.
Yet it seems to be stuck there.
Zdenka Krehlikova

Very comfortable

The sleeping mask blocks light perfectly, and is very comfortable to sleep in (even for side-sleepers). I wouldn't say the mask eliminates sound, but it's good at softening the noise which allows you to sleep longer. Overall, 4.5/5.

Good but not comfortable

I have actually slept really well most nights, but the ear things just aren’t comfortable if you’re a side sleeper, so I have to move the one that I’m sleeping on then if I turn over in the night I keep readjusting.

Latest model is perfect

Although I have been enjoying Hibermate Sleep Masks for years, previous models did have issues. The Gen 6 model fixes issues with the straps disconnecting on the sides and is very easy to adjust. Can't wait to get it on when I go to bed!

only one

Unfortunately, there is no such product in Japan. I can't let go!