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Wow! The 2018 Hibermate Generation 5.5 Sleep Mask is Imminent

Posted by Chris Thomas on September 27, 2017. 6 Comments

We're still beavering away here at Hibermate Central working on each new model we create.

Of course, all the feedback from our incredible customers keeps feeding the 'innovation engine' and with each new edition we hope to make the mask a little better. 

Small steps.

Last year we released a major upgrade to the Gen 4 2016 model with a wide single band - but it actually proved to be a bit of a flop for many customers so we reverted back this year to a new Gen 5 model with 2 straps and an ehook to help attach the straps to the mask.

Well, the e-hook hasn't been holding up so great for some people, so we've found a new hook system which cannot come undone and we'll be introducing this upgrade in coming weeks. 

We've also made the mask narrower as some folks said it was too wide and the ear cups weren't able to sit on their ears very well. 

For those customers with bigger head sizes, they said the straps were too short! So we added a bunch more length to the straps.

Lastly, we've added some foam inserts into the cups themselves to help reduce more sound.

Update: The Gen 5.5 is now available! See it here...

Can't wait to film a short video to show what we've been working on...!

Stay Tuned.


Here's some feedback from one of my Beta Testers so far:

Hi Chris,


Hope you are well and havving a good weekend and thanks again for sending the beta version over. Ive been using them for 5 nights now so I wanted to give you some feedback:


- The main issue that I had previously with the mask slipping off is now resolved. Every night that I have worn them this week, the mask has stayed on and so I have no worries about that! 


- The donut ear cushions are the ones I have mainly been using. They are my general preference and have been with all the hibermate products. I can use the flat cushions too, but generally I find the donut ones more comfortable. 


-  The eye mask itself is nice and sleek and the material is nice and smooth (it feels high quality). 


- The only minor comment I have is that the bit where it bridges on the nose might not be exactly the right shape (or maybe my nose is the wrong shape!!). I feel that it curls up slightly at the end, its not uncomfortable but its just an observation. 


Hope that is helpful, im not sure if thats the sort of feedback you were looking for or not. If you do want any more feedback then please let me know and ill do my best to help.


Thanks again and keep up the good work! Your product is amazing! 



Dr Osman Ahmed
BSc (Hons), PGDip (Sports Physiotherapy), PhD

Physiotherapist to the Football Association
Twitter: @osmanhahmed
LinkedIn: http://nz.linkedin.com/pub/osman-hassan-ahmed/34/213/274


I loved the headband hibermate. will or are you still manufacturing? I love wearing this to muffle outside sounds. It doesn’t completely cancel, but I don’t need it to. It helps me focus when either at home or in public. I have always felt this was a neat and unique item. I have a small retail section in my salon and love setting out my most interesting finds. would love this as an addition, but … don’t see it anywhere to purchase.
Posted by sheila selph on January 27, 2020
Same as Josh. Went back to gen 4. I use gen 5 only when I need to wash my gen 4 mask and it is still drying. Please bring Gen 4 back
Posted by John on February 10, 2018
Hi again, Chris, So, there’s no way to make two sizes of this mask…NORMAL and LARGE, to basically support wider faces/heads and larger ears? Josh
Posted by Josh on November 11, 2017
Hi. I also hat gen 5. I want gen 4 to come back!
Posted by Mark on November 10, 2017
Hi Josh, thanks for the comment and the feedback. Good to hear from you again… I’m always working to make each model better than the last as best I can to suit as many people as possible. Sometimes there are compromises – and you can’t make something like a sleepmask perfect for every single person. while it’s great for some it might not suit someone else 100%. Appreciate your ongoing support! Sincerely Chris
Posted by Chris on October 04, 2017
I actually hated my Gen 5 mask and went back to my Gen 4 mask. The straps didn’t hold up and I just didn’t want to deal with re-threading the strap. At least with the Gen 4 mask, I don’t have to worry about that problem. Again, though I just wish the mask was a little bigger to fit my big head a little better, but that’s been a problem with every Hibermate I’ve tried.
Posted by Josh on October 01, 2017

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