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We've changed currency to USD.

Posted by Chris Thomas on September 15, 2016. 0 Comments

One of the challenges running a global eCommerce business is currency volatility. 

For many years we have been accepting payments in Australian Dollars. When the Australian Dollar was buying close to 1 US dollar everything was fine. 

The last 2 days to Australian Dollar has been buying $0.75c USD.

The issue for us is that we pay our suppliers in USD and our margins have been slashed as a result of the falling Australian Dollar. It's getting harder to stay in business.

So I took the decision today to change currency we collect for payments to USD

I know this is probably going to cause some push-back from our loyal Australian Customers!

To try and sweeten the deal for everyone, I'm now offering free shipping on all products to most countries in the world - USA, CA, AU, UK, EU, SG, HK and many more.

Feedback always welcome, let me hear/have it the comments below!



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