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All-New Hibermate Headband with Ear Muffs News-flash

Posted by Chris Thomas on July 28, 2016. 0 Comments

It's been a while since I posted an update - it's been super busy here at my end as we push hard to release 3 new products, with a 4th just around the corner!

Speaking of which, after a lot of messing about, we're closing in on a new Hibermate Headband model!

One of the most commonly asked questions we receive in email communications is,

"...can I wear the ear muffs without the sleep mask?"

Well, I hope that in about 6 weeks you'll be able to.

In a recent video I mentioned that we had been testing out lots of headband types and that we'd settled on a really awesome, stretchy band. It is a great headband, but the MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) the factory needed was 10,000 units.

Unfortunately that's far too many for this little business to order in its life-cycle and the factory wouldn't be swayed.

We've pushed cash-flow to the absolute limits, even going into some debt, producing the all new 2016 Hibermate, the Original Hibermate and the recent release of the new Sleep Headphones.

Luckily we found a new factory that can create a really nice headband with woven branding included with manageable MOQ's!

Here's a picture of the prototype Linda sent me yesterday - it's looking really great, although we will be changing the white logo part, to a darker, much more subtle grey. 

Hibermate Headband

Hibermate Headband with Ear muffs for sleep

Hibermate Headband with Ear muffs for sleep

She's sending me the physical samples today or tomorrow (as I write this, it is the 28th July 2016) and I should have them next week. I'll try and get some time to shoot a video.

All other production is on schedule and we should be shipping pre-orders for the Original Hibermate and the all-new 2016 Hibermate in 2 weeks (middle of August 2016).

I really hope you like them! 


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