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Sneak Peak - 2 new products coming soon...!

Posted by Chris Thomas on March 02, 2016. 0 Comments

Really proud and happy to share a couple of brand new products I've been secretly working on for the last 8 months...

They should be released around Mid-year - coinciding with the relaunch of the new 2016 Hibermate...!

Can't wait!

Anyway, enough waffle. Let's get on with it.

Here's product number 1.

1. The all New Hibermate Sleeping Mask with Headphones:



This has been a labour of love!

  1. It features a contoured single band eye mask with super adjustability. The contouring helps takes pressure from your eyes for REM and also helps to recess the speakers inside the band for side sleeping comfort.
  2. The speakers are removable for washing (please, please, please don't wash the speakers) and there's a half inch of super-soft memory foam to provide additional padding and cushioning for your ears.   
  3. The insanely high quality speakers have amazingly good bass response for such a flat speaker (5.5mm), very strong mid-range and super clear 'top range' and they're LOUD. As a musician, I am really picky about audio equipment and these are, in my opinion, the best flat speakers available. I tried and tested all the rest. These are the best. 
  4. The cables are tangle tree (almost anyway) mega-quality Kevlar, the exact same material used to coat Apple's speaker cables and ear buds.
  5. There's also an in-line microphone (for phone calls) and a Pause/Volume adjuster.

As with all my projects, I've spared no expense in bringing to life what I firmly believe to be the best quality sleeping headphones on the market.

The speakers are super-reliable and durable and won't fail or break after a few days, weeks, months and hopefully years of continual use. The current 'crop' of competing products break far too easily and I was fanatical about quality and reliability for this new product as well as being comfortable and great looking.

You can go-ahead and pre-order the all new Sleeping Headphones here and receive a 50% discount on the RRP - Just $24.95 until April 30th 2016. Anticipated delivery, June 2016.

2. - Sports Headband with Headphones

Ok, so this is a bit of a diversion from our standard sleep-aid range. It can also be used for sleeping although it doesn't have memory foam padding for the ears so at this stage I reckon is better suited for sport and casual 'getting about with music' without painful ear buds.

Almost all these photo's I've taken myself, so they're definitely NOT being shown at their best!

Headband with Speakers

Just like with the Sleeping Mask with Headphones, the new Sports Headband with Headphones features the same quality, removable speakers and kevlar cables. 

It can be machine washed and is very stretchy, so it'll fit 99% of head sizes.

Wrapping up, yes, there are plans to release a new proper sleeping headband (fully adjustable) with speakers - the design direction for this is so fantastic that I can't wait to show you!

It'll change the world!

And, yes, wireless Bluetooth versions are also well along the track in terms of planning. 

Lastly, the China team showed me the new almost completed 2016 Hibermate Ear Muffs and the all-new single band integrated sleep mask prototypes via Skype today and seriously, it's looking sensational...

The cups are nearly finalized, just waiting on new thicker version prototypes which will help reduce more sound and hopefully not compromise comfort...

If you'd like to be added to the notification list please fill in the form below and I'll shoot you an email to let you know when they're ready...

Thanks for your support!





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