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New Single Band Ear Muff Prototypes Have Arrived...

Posted by Chris Thomas on February 11, 2016. 1 Comment

Hey guys

Super excited to share some images and information about our first round of single band ear muffs for the next generation Hibermate.


Above: New Prototypes for the Ear Muffs

They're based on the same design as the current dual band silicone cups, but we're looking to change material from Silicone (heavy) to soft Poly Urethane (much lighter).

The great feature of this approach is that you'll be able to purchase a pair of the new cups so you can add them to your favorite headband (if your headband is a strap-type) or sleep mask.

Of course, I'll be offering them as an integrated part of the new 2016 Hibermate sleep mask, and I'll be adding in a free headband in the box so if you don't want the use the sleep mask with the cups, you can quickly switch to a headband.

The first round you see above is a good solid start, but we still have some work to do before we press the button on a production run. 

The new cups aren't quite reducing as much noise as the current silicone cups, so I'm working with the team to improve that aspect. I'd also like them to look a little better, they're a little rough around the edges! But we'll get there.

Above: the new ear cups in profile showing the single slot for the band.

The other feature we'll offer is a new set of ear pads which will be included free with each set of ear muffs. You'll get a set of traditional 'donut-style' ear cushions as well as the all new 'Pads' which will help reduce concentrated 'pressure' for side sleepers and hopefully improve comfort... See below:


I'm heading back to Hong Kong in April to meet with the team in Guangzhou and hopefully we'll be well on track for a new release for June or July 2016.

I'll also be speaking at this conference (Global Sources) which is very exiting!

It's Chinese New Year as I write this, which means China has pretty much shut down for the next 2-3 weeks. In March we'll resume prototyping and I hope by Mid-April we'll be super close to nailing the final 'production-ready' Ear Muffs.

All we have to do then is sort out the new model Hibermate sleep mask design (pretty easy) and Headband - re-jig the packaging and we should be good to go mid-year!

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WIll these new ear muffs block out more sound? Thanks!
Posted by Sleeping bear on February 28, 2016

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