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September through December 2015 Income Reports!

Posted by Chris Thomas on January 07, 2016. 4 Comments

Well, after almost 2 exciting years in Hong Kong, we're safely back in sleepy, old Melbourne, Australia!

Extracting ourselves from Hong Kong was like trying to get chewing gum out of hair.

We also brought back 2 cats we'd adopted in Hong Kong - it was very expensive and not recommended!

Tip. Do not let your kids convince you that adopting cats is a good idea if there's any chance you might have to move them to Australia some day.

With all that going on, I've fallen behind on the income reports so I thought I'd just do one catch-up post and consolidate them all in one go.

Overall things remained pretty flat sales-wise, until we hit November and then of course, the big grand daddy month: December, where between the website sales (AUD $19,614.04) and Amazon sales (USD $24,657.10), we hit an all-time monthly record of $44,271.14 (combined currencies - yes, I know, it's a new and weird accounting standard I've introduced and there's nothing you can do to stop me).

Let's start with September 2015: $23,767.80

Amazon: $10,383.30

Website $13,293.50


October 2015: $19,399.32 (our worst month this year)

Amazon: $8,075.35

Website: $11,323.97

November 2015: $28,956.50

Amazon: $13,727.00

Website: $15,229.50

December 2015: $44,271.44

Amazon: $24,657.10

Website: $19,614.04

This year, I'm releasing more new (custom and innovative) products, so nearly all profit is being ploughed back into the business to help fund the development of those. They're kind of related to the Hibermate but will feature some electronics. I was really hoping we'd release the first one in December 2015, but we missed the deadline and it won't be available until about March 2016. I can't wait to release them all!

If all goes well, 2016 could be a great year. 

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Hi @Jonny Thanks for the question! 41% revenue came from Organic search (SEO), 28% came from PPC (AdWords, Bing Ads etc), 16% Direct (bookmarks and direct URL type in’s), 6.5% referral from other websites, 2.5% display advertising (website banners etc), social 1%, 0.5% email – so a bit of work to do with social and email!
Posted by Chris @ Hibermate on September 21, 2016
Hi Chris. Great to read of your progress, how do you generate most of your website traffic for the sales? Cheers, Jonny
Posted by Jonny on September 18, 2016
Hi Arnaud Thanks for the comment. At this stage we’re on track to release the new model in May this year. 2 new variations of the ear cup prototypes will be finished this coming Friday using a single band design/integration. When I receive those in the next few weeks for evaluation I’ll decide which direction I want to take and things should move pretty quickly after that in terms of finalizing the new mask set up and packaging modifications. Cheers Chris
Posted by Chris @ Hibermate on January 11, 2016
When will the 2016 Hibermate be released ? :)
Posted by Arnaud on January 11, 2016

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