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July 2015 Income Report

Posted by Chris Thomas on October 07, 2015. 0 Comments

So sales are still a little flat in July, but slightly up from June's numbers of $22,041. I'm hoping that as the year rolls through Q3 and later moves towards Q4, we'll start to see a bit of an uplift! 

Costs are quite low at the moment, so profit is reasonable and it'll mean that I can start investing into some new products in the next few months as well as work on the new 2016 model prototypes.

July 2015. 

July Amazon Sales: $8,752.00 (US Dollars)

July Website Sales: $14,932.50 (Australian Dollars)

July Total:                 $23,144.50 (up $1,103.5 compared to June 2015)





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