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June 2015 Income Report

Posted by Chris Thomas on September 04, 2015. 0 Comments

June's figures have been pretty down!

The reality is that my business and product line is quite seasonal, so with many Americans heading into a summer holiday break, things tend to slow right down for June, July and to some extent, August each year.

We other big reason was that for about 2 weeks, we ran out of stock in Australia completely. We were taking 'pre-orders' but that doesn't really help much and conversion rates tend to fall away quite sharply. 

June 2015. 

June Amazon Sales: $8,496.75 (US Dollars)

June Website Sales: $13,544.32 (Australian Dollars)

June Total:                 $22,041.07 (a massive $4,918 drop from May's figures!)





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