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Amazon removed 60 of my reviews

Posted by Chris Thomas on June 05, 2015. 6 Comments

Short post today, super busy...

As I mentioned in my last Blog post, things are a bit rocky in terms of cash flow and sales.

That's ok, I'm confident we'll pull through.

For a while there, the silver lining on the whole, "Let's give away $45 grand worth of stock, oh, and lets also pay Amazon a couple of grand to fulfill the 697 free orders fiasco" was that many of the folks who scored a free product actually took the time to leave some quite nice reviews about it (about 60).

(There's always "one" dude though isn't there? Even after getting a free one he provided a 1 star rating.)

But anyway, what customers giveth, Amazon can taketh and over 60 reviews were taken down late last week.

I actually had my screen open on my product listing page from the day before, so I was able to capture the "before" and "after" shots...


Above is where we were at and below is where we ended up a couple of hours later...

That's kinda hurt sales a bit.

I decided I'd write Amazon an email and after a bit of digging around found that there's an email address "review-appeals@amazon.com".

It obviously allows you to message the folks there and ask for a re-consideration if reviews have been deleted.



So I haven't heard back from Amazon yet but will make a quick update here if I do!

---------- Update 10 June 2015 ---------------

Well, as expected, I received a proforma response from Amazon regarding the review deletion...

Oh well.





Yesterday I received a warning that a review or reviews were inappropriate. None were. The fact that they threatened to possibly ban me in the future was evil abuse of authority to me, for basically innocuous, honest book reviews. Most of the books were free, too. If I can’t exercise free speech, I do not believe in Amazon. I asked them to remove my account. I will not buy from them and I said I hope they go bankrupt.
Posted by JB on December 21, 2018
I’m a consumer, not a vendor; but Amazon still removed every review I’ve ever written, banned me from Amazon Community, and banned my entire family, too. I have never and will never leave a paid review for any product at Amazon.com or anywhere else. I received the ban early this year, and have tried numerous times to appeal it, even emailing Jeff Bezos himself; I always get the same form response, saying the decision is final, and that I’m a dirty fake reviewer. Amazon can go fuck itself. We used to spend thousands of dollars on Amazon.com every year, but we’ve moved our business elsewhere.
Posted by Miles B Huff on December 11, 2018
Wow, 7 years of posting reviews all gone since yesterday. I never wrote fake reviews, all were my honest opinion, but Amazon has its own disgusting logic to deem what is “fake” but leaves STUPID reviews… I’m done, won’t buy anymore on Amazon unless I can’t find it somewhere else, they think they can treat us like trash just because we reviewed THEIR products, they gotta be kidding !
Posted by UsedtoLoveAmazon on May 10, 2018
This is BS. I no longer trust the review system on Amazon, and I feel that I will be making less purchases there because of this. Companies can post a new product up online and then remove it if it gets bad reviews, and it doesn’t reflect poorly on their business. The fact that you lost 60 reviews on a good product doesn’t make any sense at all. And the fact that they are positive makes me suspicious.
Posted by Alex on February 05, 2017
Ran across your blog post, I have reviewed tons of stuff on Amazon, and now they’re removing them all and won’t give me an explanation as to why, just the same cut and past nonsense you received.
Posted by Jodi on March 15, 2016
Amazon removed all of my reviews for no reason, because i got some free product from seller.
Posted by Lynn on August 03, 2015

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