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2016 Gen 4. and Original Hibermate will (or at least should) be shipping this week.

Posted by Chris Thomas on August 15, 2016. 3 Comments

At last!

So sorry about the delays getting these products ready for shipping. A lot of you have emailed me lately asking what's going on - its definitely time for an update.

Unfortunately we have been beset by unforeseen production issues which have created delays for a few weeks at a time and causing me a lot of stress and financial headaches.

We have had quality issues for nearly all of the new components - but the main problem has been with the new 2016 masks.

We decided on a high-quality satin for each colour, but when they were being sewn together, the satin wasn't stitching properly - meaning there were threads of fabric being 'pulled' and making the final product very unattractive.

My team asked the factory to remake all the masks with a new even higher-quality 'coated satin' but they flat-out refused, saying they would lose money.

We then sourced a new factory who remade them for us ($$$) but they totally messed up! They didn't sew the white padding 'batting' into the mask, they just squashed it all in, making the masks lumpy, unattractive and really uncomfortable. 

Finally we found yet another factory (more $$$) who, by all accounts, are doing a superb job. They completed the mask production yesterday (Sunday 14th August) - I am still waiting on 100% confirmation - and we will be assembling this week - which is the easy part.

What this means is the Original Generation 1. Hibermate and the new 2016 Generation 4. Model Hibermates will be ready to ship to our fulfillment house in Hong Kong either this Friday (19th August) or at the latest Monday (22nd August) the following week for fulfillment to you.

In the meantime, I'm organizing air freight to Amazon for around 1,000 units which should arrive in an Amazon FBA warehouse later in August for 2 day shipping to our American pre-orders.

Thanks again for your incredible patience, I really appreciate it.

I just want to be 100% transparent about the realities of designing, sourcing, ensuring quality and hoping that the product you ultimately receive is the best I can make.

Very hard to do on a shoestring! 

A lot of fun though...

Here's a video update as well, showing all the products I've been working on...


Shipping the 2016 Gen 4. Hibermate from Chris Thomas on Vimeo.



Hi @David, I am thinking about modifying the Hibermate ear cups to include the speakers we use in the new sleep headphones product – when I popped them in as a test a few weeks ago they sounded incredible. We’re also looking at introducing a Bluetooth version as well!
Posted by Chris @ Hibermate on August 31, 2016
Thank you for the update!
Posted by Bernardo on August 26, 2016
Hi Chris, Do you get any enquiries for the ability to have music played through the ear pieces. I have to go to sleep each afternoon, to be able to get through the day, due to my MS Fatigue. When I go to bed I always use your sleep mask, but for a number of years now I have also listened to Tranquility Tapes, which not only block out any noise, which your ear pads do, but the tranquil sounds seem to help me ‘nodding off’. However, I couldn’t do this whilst using your ear pads, as the pressure on the ‘ear buds’ would be too painful. I have seen that there are some ear pads that do this, but don’t know any details. Of course, I also don’t know whether there would be any demand for this. My wife is looking forward to receiving her ‘sleep mask’. Regards David Grundy
Posted by David Grundy on August 15, 2016

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