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February 2015 Income Report

Posted by Chris Thomas on March 06, 2015. 0 Comments

With February being a shorter month, income was down quite a bit compared to January. Seasonally, February is always slightly down compared to other months anyway as (I think), people have received their credit card bills from December (ie. Christmas) and tighten their belts a little.

Also, in the northern hemisphere, it's winter, it's dark and people don't really need a sleeping mask as much as they might during the "lighter months" of the year.

If you like, you can also view January's report herePlease feel free to add any comments/concerns or feedback below... or learn more about the business on my "About us" Page. You can also see the new Hibermate here.

Note that we have also begun selling Amazon and eBay this month (March). Sales have been modest on Amazon as we've really only been trading for a couple of days now (as I write this), but I'll post March's income report early in April and try and show all three channels. So far, I've only had a single sale through eBay.

The eBay channel is kinda interesting in that eBay Australia contacted me late in February 2015 and invited me to participate in a Shopify/eBay Beta App. It allows for a connection between this online store (Shopify) and my eBay store so products can be listed directly on eBay from here (its a feed).

Lastly, I think the original Hibermate has been counterfeited! (How exciting!) - there's a store on Amazon (selling a variety of extremely 'intimate' products, of a very personal nature) stocking the very first version of Hibermate

Anyway, for Feb, here's the report from my Google Analytics Account...



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