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Christmas Holidays and New 2015 Hibermate update

Posted by Chris Thomas on January 06, 2015. 0 Comments

The family and I flew home from Hong Kong to Australia for the Christmas Holidays and we just got back to Hong Kong on Sunday. It was a whirlwind tour seeing friends and family as well as having a small break by the sea side at a small sleepy township called San Remo, near Philip Island, Victoria.

Obviously, we caught up with my fabulous friend and colleague Paula who held everything together over Christmas, answering most of your enquiries and fulfilling orders during what was a very busy Christmas for us this year.

Paula received the new 2015 Hibermates last Friday the 2nd of January - about a week later than planned, but they're now available for sale - I've removed the pre-orders! Paula shipped hundreds yesterday and with sales the way they are over the last few days, I'll need to place a new order with suppliers in the coming week or so.

Having said that, I'd like to wait and see what happens in terms of sales on Amazon before I commit to an order quantity. The new sleep masks should be on their way from Hong Kong (they were delivered from Shenzen to Hong Kong last week) to the United States, I'm just waiting on an update from my shipping company to confirm. In theory they should be available on Amazon Later in January, early Feb.

I'm also keen to try a new Plug-in for my (this) Shopify online store. It enables a connection between Amazon FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) and my Shopify store. This means that if you order from the United States (in fact anywhere really), you'll have the all shipping options available to you from Amazon, who will ship to you even though you've ordered through my store. Could be seriously cool!

Anyway, if you receive a new version of the Hibermate, I'd love to get your feedback asap, as that will help me to make further improvements to the design etc prior to ordering again from suppliers. It's impossible to make adjustments once an order is placed!





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