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Traffic from OzBargain went crazy yesterday!

Posted by Chris Thomas on December 15, 2014. 0 Comments

Over the past few months I've been listening to the excellent business podcast Smart Passive Income by Pat Flynn.

Pat gets to interview some amazing guests, my favourite being Tim Ferriss (author, The Four Hour Work Week, The Four Hour Body & The Four Hour Chef) among many others.

In one of his episodes with Gary Vaynerchuk, there was a long discussion about research and learning more about your audience and their needs. One of the tips was to create a simple Poll on your website and ask people why they were dropping by and what there problems were.

I happen to use a wonderful Analytics tool called Lucky Orange. I won't go into the in's and out's of the product other that to say it features a 'poll' creation app as part of the offering. So I created a simple poll, which if you're reading this in December 2014, you've probably already seen it at the bottom of your screen.

I also thought I'd create a special offer if someone took the time to kindly complete the poll of a discount of $20 off the current model Hibermate. I'm trying to move as much stock as possible so I can start selling the new 2015 model in a few short weeks.

Someone did complete the poll and they shared the discount code - poll - in a forum on a website called OZBargains.com.au (an Australian coupon code 'sharing/promotion' website).

Man, I had no idea those websites were so popular!

In minutes my website was being hit hard and yesterday traffic tripled to my site (and sales were pretty healthy as well).

Here's what happened:


I should have added another question to my poll! "Are you here looking for a bargain?"

In case you're wondering, in the last few days I've had 22 responses to the Poll and the clear winner is that my audience are mostly trying to sleep in a noisy environment.


I'll keep the poll running until Friday, so if you'd like to get $20 off (and I think you deserve it for reading through this post), just use - poll - during the checkout process. It'd also be great if you could take some time to comment or select an option from the poll too!


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