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Product photography photo-shoot today...

Posted by Chris Thomas on December 10, 2014. 0 Comments

Had a really fun morning this morning!

I grabbed 12 masks (2 of each colour) and headed over to meet up with Danny and Sean at their Product photography studio in Hong Kong. We spent the morning (and early afternoon) taking fresh new product shots of the new Hibermate.

Above: Danny shooting the Pitch Black Hibermate Mask in the 'tent' .It looks dark, but there were massive, bright flashes firing on each shot.

The finished photo's are being retouched for the next couple of days (just removing specks of dust etc - we're not doctoring the photo's!) and hopefully they'll be ready on Friday so I can share them here with you.

Above: Danny - awesome product photographer in Hong Kong

Danny was so professional and a real pleasure to deal with.

Thankfully he took much better photos during today's session than I did!

Five stars from me.

Highly recommended.


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