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New Hibermate Sleeping Masks have been shipped to Hong Kong and Australia

Posted by Chris Thomas on December 07, 2014. 0 Comments

On Friday afternoon some of the new Hibermate sleep masks arrived here at our apartment in Hong Kong.

The Australian component set sail on the ship on Friday as well!

The shipment from Shenzen to Amazon FBA in the US has still waiting to go as I wait on the EIN number from the IRS (so many acronyms!)

I'll be taking the new masks in for a photo-shoot this week so that hopefully we'll have some nice shots for the website, Amazon product pages & for general media and promotional uses. Here are some rather hasty and amateur shots I just took of the new version, nicely boxed up and ready to go!

Pitch Black
Tangerine Orange
Dark Navy
Kickstarter Green
Hot Pink 
Rich Burgundy

Next year, we will work on a headband and beanie hat version of the Hibermate but you can use the new ear muffs under your own hat or beanie now (of course, once you've removed the ear muffs from the mask!).

Also checkout the new leatherette ear cushions (on the right) compared to the foam ones we use now (on the left). These new ear cushions are custom made for the new Hibermate, they are ridiculously expensive to manufacture, they do not fall out like the old ones have been prone to and (most importantly) they are super, super comfortable. They fit perfectly and offer a great seal for better sound blocking.

Even though they're much more expensive to produce, they're the best and I refuse to compromise on quality for this production run and all those that will follow. Just as an example to illustrate... Beats Studio 2 replacement ear cushions (almost identical to the Hibermate's) retail on Amazon for almost $70! Replica's on ebay can sell for $29.95, we're trying our best to keep the prices down (or at least the same) for the whole unit (mask, cups, cushions and packaging) in spite of the blowout in costs for this run...



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