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Everything is ready to ship from from Shenzen to Amazon FBA, USA & Australia!

Posted by Chris Thomas on November 27, 2014. 0 Comments

Today was my last visit to Yowa in Shenzen for a little while. Hopefully I'll be back again early in the New Year - it's a really fun and dynamic place.

Raymond and I spent a couple of hours working through some of the shipping details so NRR (the freight forwarding company) will receive the cargo properly in Hong Kong before it's exported to Amazon FBA in the United States and my colleague Paula, Australia.

While Raymond worked the phones to NRR in Hong Kong (Raymond speaks and reads 5 languages fluently, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, English and Portuguese - amazing!) I went to the warehouse with Sunny and Danny to inspect the shipments and make sure everything is going where it's supposed to.

It's looking good. We're on schedule.

Here are some photos of today's visit.

Above: Just some of the cartons ready to ship to Amazon FBA (and some at the back to go to Australia).


Above: Each product has been individually labeled and bar-coded as per the Amazon Shipping Plan.


Above: One of the outer-cartons labelled and bar-coded as per the Amazon Shipping Plan.


Above: Danny, Production Manager who manages the production team and makes sure quality and deadlines are met by the team. He's a star.

Above: Sunny, Hostess who translates and helps look after everything for you when you visit, including picking you up from the airport or Hong Kong border and taking you to the factory, lunch etc... She's also a star!


You can now order the new 2015 version of the Hibermate from our website here if you like!


Just as an aside, I also received a quotation from Bluegum to make 2,000 of the original Hibermates (without the ear pads, just the mask).

I will review tomorrow and make a decision about whether we make and sell them in the next week or so - we need to design new packaging etc and the run will be small and possibly unprofitable... But... There have been so many emails from previous customers wanting them back that I think we probably need to!

Number crunching tomorrow.




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