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2016 Generation 4 Hibermate is ready for pre-orders

Posted by Chris Thomas on June 02, 2016. 12 Comments

I'm absolutely thrilled to announce that after almost 12 months of development, I'm now taking pre-orders for the all-new 2016 Hibermate (Generation 4).

On Monday this week (30th May 2016) I took delivery of the final prototypes and was so happy with how they look and function!

I told the team to 'get going' - start production!

There will be only 4 colors for this production run of 2,000 units (Pitch Black, Dark Navy, Hot Pink and Kickstarter green). 1,000 will be shipped to Amazon when they're ready and 1,000 will be shipped to our new fulfillment house in Hong Kong (www.floship.com).

Speaking of fulfillment, Floship will be taking over all logistics for us in the coming months which means for the first time, I'll be able to offer you 5 day tracked shipping to just about anywhere in the world for the same price.

Anyway, I filmed a nerdy video a couple of days ago about it...

More about the mask...

The new sleep mask features a wide, single band which helps maintain a perfect position of your mask, creates excellent 'side-pressure' to maintain comfortable ear muff position and is super-easy to adjust (a common customer complaint for the current 2015 Gen 3. model).

It is also fantastic to wear all by itself without the cups! 

It's also 'narrower' across your face, which means it now fits 99% of head shapes and sizes. The mask features a beautiful satin outer and a luxurious Egyptian 200 thread-count natural cotton inner for breath-ability and cool comfort. Velcro tabs are used for adjustment and the mask is suitable for most school-age kids and grown-ups.

Sneak peak of the new packaging design direction...

The cups have been completely re-developed too...

You'll love that we've replaced the heavy, 'sticky' silicone ear muffs with recyclable PU foam, which is lighter, smoother and doesn't attract dust and lint. They also reduce more sound. 

Of course, the cups now have a single slot to accommodate the single band mask, making them easier to remove and put back on again!

Another great thing about the cups is they can now be worn with almost all other single-band sleep masks on the market. If you have a favorite sleep mask, you'll be able to turn it into a 'Hibermate'.

Next, you're gonna love what we've done with the ear cushions!

There are 2 sets of expensive, 'high-end' ear cushions included in the packaging with each Hibermate. The first set is the soft Protein leather 'doughnut' shaped ear cushions we currently use. They're perfect for travelling and sitting upright use.

The second set (included free) is a custom designed ear 'pad' which can be swapped with the doughnut cushions.

They are excellent for side sleepers as they cushion your whole ear. They're also great if you have slightly large ears that might not fit in the doughnut cushions.

Finally, they help block even more sound as they create an amazing, soft seal.

Of course, each Hibermate will come in a beautiful, retail ready gift box.


More product photo's to come...

Order yours now.

Note that if you were one of the very kind 100 people who provided invaluable feedback last year to help create the new 2016 Hibermate - you'll be receiving yours free as a 'thank you' as soon as they become available.

If you'd like to be added to the list to be notified of future product releases, please fill in the form below...


Hi @Carol Collins – thanks for the question! The all new 2016 Hibermate definitely doesn’t contain any latex… Hope this helps! Cheers and thanks, Chris
Posted by Chris Thomas on August 26, 2016
I have a latex allergy and need to know if this product contains latex on any of the parts. Thanks so much
Posted by Carol Collins on August 26, 2016
Hi @Cole – You can wear ear buds with the new ear cups, better to use the donut ear cushions rather than the new ear pads – the cord would been to go between your ear cushion and your head – but you wouldn’t really feel it. Hope this helps!
Posted by Chris Thomas on August 15, 2016
Can I use my apple headphones to listen to music with the new 2016 ear muffs?
Posted by Cole on August 14, 2016
I’m really excited by this. Looks like a massive improvement over the current ones (and they should even fit my child-sized head!) The current ones are already the best on the market despite being too big, so these look like they’re closer to perfection :-)
Posted by Danni on June 29, 2016
@Felicia – great question! I’ll try and get some extra headbands made up which I will try and offer for sale on the website separately so you can add a headband option if you already have the mask option and don’t need a mask… Cheers Chris
Posted by Chris on June 07, 2016
Hi Chris, I would like to ask if i were to purchase theh new 2016 hibernate 4 with the mask, can i purchase the headband separately? or perhaps is there a purchase with headband option?
Posted by Felicia Lau on June 07, 2016
This looks GREAT! I love my 2015 Hibermate but found the two straps to be a pain, they’d eventually loosen and lose a bit of elasticity. This single wide strap with Velcro looks like the perfect solution.
Posted by Jarrad on June 06, 2016
Hi Diana, Thanks for the comment and the feedback! I reckon the new Ear Pad Cushions are going to work really nicely for you…! Thanks again for being such an amazing loyal customer, you’re a star!
Posted by Chris on June 05, 2016
Hi Anthony, this is Chris! Thanks for your comment… The team and I are actively working on a solution to create a headband-only version of the product which I hope to release around September this year. It’s coming I promise…
Posted by Chris on June 05, 2016
Have the original one but my ears alleys hurt a bit can’t wait for the new one .Great new development looks and sounds perfect 4me.
Posted by Diana Donison on June 04, 2016
Hi, I’m still hoping for the hibernate that ONLY covers the ears. My wife snores and that’s only when I would need to use it. I don’t need the eye mask part.
Posted by Anthony Doheny on June 03, 2016

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