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Hong Kong - Trade-shows and Product Development

Posted by Chris Thomas on April 12, 2016. 0 Comments

I'm back in Hong King this week.


I'm catching up with some friends, visiting some trade shows and doing some banking (boring!).

But the the main reason I'm here is to catch up with Linda (one of my suppliers) to hopefully finalize the prototypes of the Generation 4, 2016 Hibermate.

It's been a little frustrating getting the prototypes of the ear cups to work as I want them too - changing from Silicone to a soft foam has caused some issues which need to be resolved before I can press the "Big Red Button" and commence production in earnest.

While I'm here I try and shoot some footage of the prototypes to show you where we're up to. Its frustrating to have reached out to my customers last year for feedback on what improvements could be made to the Generation 3, 2015 model and then take so long to bring those changes to life.

That's product development for you!

It always seems to take 3 times longer than you expect.

That said, the new sleep mask is looking really great with a wide, single band to help adjust at the back. The mask itself incorporates really beautiful, soft fabrics and is of exceptional quality. Its quite possibly the best sleep mask I've ever made.

If we can just sort out the cups this week, the whole project will fall into place and things will move fast.

Cross fingers!

I'm also hoping to bring back the - wait for it - ORIGINAL Hibermate which was in production from 2001 all the way through to 2013. 

I've had so many customers request that it be brought back that I've finally bitten the bullet and have brought the last 2 remaining units with me to Hong Kong for a quotation to have it re-made. If you'd like to secure one, you can pre-order here: Please note, it is just the mask only, not the ear cushions.

Thanks again for your patience and support!







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